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6 ways to get rid of lice problem


Head lice are a very common problem in school age kids. It can create serious infections in head if not tackled in right time.  Lice are really annoying and create problems in head. There is a particular reason as to why lice occurred, it can happen with dust in your home, bed or from someone else. If the following methods are adopted, then this problem can be curbed. By your diligence the problem can be reduced up to a great extent.

1. Keep your home clean:

If the lice problem has been detected for any of your kids, you need to take serious steps now. First of all, try to wash the clothes in the hottest temperatures that the fabric is allowed, it helps in killing the lice eggs if any, and this is a way to stop the further production of lice. Also, try to clean the hard surfaces and bed sheets, carpets to get rid of the problem. Try to clean all the fabrics that the person was in contact so as that louse would not be able to jump on another person’s head. Also, the items like hair accessories should be soaked in hot water to remove any chance for the lice.

2. Prepare yourself for the battle:


Lice problem is very annoying. The person suffering from this would not be able to take sleep even. It is very easy to kill the adult lice and immature lice by various ways, but it is very difficult to kill the lice eggs. These lice are only responsible for further crop up. The production of lice has to be stopped by killing these lice eggs. Though the procedure takes one to two weeks, but you should get ready to face this. Constantly try is very important for this problem to get rid of.

3. Use the nit comb to comb your hair:


This is a very common method which everyone has tried. Nit comb helps in taking out the adult lice from the heads and then killed. Not only is this, it also helps in taking out the nits or eggs and the dead lice from the head. This is a very handy tool and can be processed very easily. For this you need to partition your scalp into two and then start from the front hair, comb your hair with a little force. Comb the hair right from the root to the end section of hair. After then wash the comb in the hot water to kill the lizard their eggs whatever is in the comb. Repeat these steps till you comb your whole scalp. Sanitize the comb in the hot water at a temperature of about 128 degrees. This is the temperature at which lice can be killed easily.

4. Use oil treatment:


To complete the process more quickly, you need to use the oil treatment technique. This step will help you avoid the chemicals as it is the natural process. You need to follow the following steps for this. First of all, just melt the half cup of coconut oil and slowly do massage into the hair and scalp. You can also warm the neem oil Instead of coconut oil. These oils are used because they are said to have antibiotic properties. Now take see the comb and gently move it through your hair, the lice will come out very easily.

5. Use oil spray bottle:


Apart from the above methods you can also use hair spray. Hair spray can also be made at home. You just need to add 5 drops of the following and 1 ounce of water. The special chemical may be tree tea oil, lavender, eucalyptus, thyme, oregano or peppermint. Oil spray is used to remove lice and their eggs completely. For this, you need to spray it in your hair and then comb to remove the lice and nits from the hair and the scalp. Moreover, you can also try vinegar treatment where he is a cheap method to get the problem. For this just mix a half cup of water and half cup of apple cider vinegar. After making the mixture just put it in  a scalp of the person and use nit comb on the hair. This helps in removing most of the nits from your hair at once. Following the above methods keep in mind that you are washing the person’s clothings and bedding regularly, this will help in reducing the further production of lice ad reduce the chances that any other person in the family also gets to suffer with this problem.

6. Monitor the hair regularly:

Following the above steps, you must check your hair regularly to check out the further production of lice in the hair. Just monitor the hair after every 8 hours as it is impossible to get off the lice problem in one go so you have to monitor the hair regularly. Do this step for 3 to 4 days and good signs will come up. After these days, check puts slowly in 16 hours or more. These lice treatments definitely help you to get rid of lice completely. It takes around one week to destroy lice and nits completely.

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