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6 Ways to Drench Yourself in Style, this Monsoon!


The beloved monsoons have started to make an appearance and a lot of young girls are now worried about living upto their ‘fashionista’ image in such outrageous pours. The continuous downpour does seem annoying after some time, right? Be it because of the limitations on our outdoor activities, the storms which result in power failure or simply because we feel restricted about what to wear, this lovely season definitely has its drawbacks.
Well, don’t not let monsoon dampen your style quotient this year. And if you are a little confused about being the epitome of coolness (even in the rains!) read on and learn the 6 ways to drench yourself in style, this monsoon!

Well, don’t not let monsoon dampen your style quotient this year. And if you are a little confused about being the epitome of coolness (even in the rains!) read on and learn the 6 ways to drench yourself in style, this monsoon!


1.Tall Transparent Umbrellas


Gone are the days when people would carry huge frilly, printed umbrellas. Now, it’s all about carrying tall and transparent ones. They not only protect you from the rains but also look super stylish and chic. Even Gossip Girl stars were seen carrying such umbrellas; and thus no wonder they have become the raging fashion accessory for these monsoons! You could buy plain ones and play it safe, or experiment with quirky and cute designed umbrellas. The choice is yours but do not forget the key word that is- transparent! What will your pick be, honey bunch?


2. Cute Gum Boots


How often have your ruined your expensive pair of flats or heels while walking around in the rains? My heart would cringe every time I would have to cross a puddle in my cutest sandals; don’t you feel the same way? Well, lucky for us an equally stylish alternative has been found! Gum boots. Yes! They aren’t only extremely comfortable but they also look adorable. Nowadays, gum boots are available in various patterns and colours and that’s why I love this option! Moreover, these boots reach till your calves and so they save your jeans from becoming dirty as well. And the material of the boots is designed for the water, so we can walk around care free. Can you think of even one reason not to invest in this heavenly innovation?


3. Stylish Skorts


Some of you might be wondering whatever do I mean by skorts? Oh well, skorts are basically divided skirts! Ha, interesting right? Though you can wear skorts all year long, this style is at its peak at the moment, and that’s why I’d suggest you to go and get atleast one of these. They are super adorable and extremely comfortable (duh!). You don’t have to worry about any major malfunctions as the shorts within are a relief. And well, this makes you care a little less about the way you walk and hence you will be to enjoy the rains better!


4. Waterproof Makeup


Would you rather have black tear stains on your cheeks or invest in a slightly more expensive kohl to save yourself from the embarrassment? Obviously the latter! And well, it is best to have a collection of only waterproof cosmetics. Be it a mascara, eye liner, foundation (so on and so forth). You wouldn’t want to have all your makeup running down your face as soon as it gets in touch with water. Jeez, what a disaster would that be! If this option seems really expensive to you, try and be you natural self, gorgeous.


5. Transparent Waterproof Bags


Haven’t you see all the shops being flooded with a huge variety of transparent bags, nowadays? It is a great time to go and grab one for yourself. These bags are a sheer necessity in monsoons. They protect all your little stuff from water damage and also look really trendy. Most bags come with a little cloth pouch that matches the exterior bag and keeps your belongings hidden and safe. This bag is definitely worth fighting for!


6. Haircare Tips


What’s the worst part about unending rains? Your hair seem to get weaker and start falling in large amounts. How heart breaking the sight would be! So, this monsoon pay the much needed special attention to your lovely locks. Oil them regularly and most importantly try and keep them away from rain water. After the initial fun rain dances make it a point not to expose them to the rainwater that often. Try and experiment with cute hairstyles that keep your hair safe and yet make you look stylish. Opt for funky hair buns and accessorise depending on the occasion. Otherwise try a sleek side ponytail or maybe just an unusual braid. Always remember: Healthy hair= happy you!

These easy and fun tips are a sure way to be your stylish self even when the season isn’t most favourable. Don’t be afraid to play around and experiment with your looks. Just remember to keep it simple and to dress appropriately. A long flowing dress is a really bad option as the hem line will be completely ruined as you walk in puddles. Oh Gosh, you don’t want that!

More than anything focus on enjoying the weather and creating memories that last a lifetime. And whatever your plans might be for this lovely monsoon don’t forget to keep smiling!

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