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6 ways to control anger


A lot of us get angry due to even the most insignificant issues. Even the smallest things irk us enough to get really worked up. Talk to us about this getting angry angry really often habit of our’s and that makes us even more angry. Now anger comes naturally to all of us. Some find their way out of it, some don’t feel angry at all and some are stuck with it and that creates a havoc. Anger makes us lose control over our mind and our tongue of course and we end up doing a lot of damage that already had been done. Now, managing anger and finding ways to really curb it is difficult because it is an emotion. And emotions can sometimes be a bitch and old habits die hard. But you can’t just sit back and do nothing about it. Here are some quick and easy ways to control that dreadful anger of your’s.

1) Yoga is the solution for all maladies.

Anger not only is a psychological concept, but it also finds it’s way into our physical core. Anger brings with it a great deal of restlessness and that restlessness is really hard to get rid of. Ever wondered why you can’t help pacing in your room when you’re angry about something? The next time you get angry notice how some parts of your body get unusually stiff. This stiffness stems from anger and makes you feel even more agitated. As a result, you end up getting worked up with the silliest of issues. Yoga helps to unwind your body and more importantly your mind. Yoga releases the bouts of tension that are created within your body and makes you forget your worries or look at them with a calmer point of view. The simple asanas will help you release stress and stay placid.


2) Walk out when it gets too much.

If you are having an argument and you realize that it’s getting or going to get out of hand real soon, take a breather. No one gets plus ones for arguing endlessly and if you aren’t arguing just for the sake of it, people will know. Walking out of an argument that is getting the better of you, will definitely prevent you from taking the argument any further. And arguing while you are really angry can be a lot messier. So it is advisable to argue with dignity and follow the proper code of conduct or take some time out rather than creating a scene.


3) Join a support group.

If you think you’re the only one having serious anger issues, then let me tel you, you’re not alone. There are people who have lost a lot and have failed when success was the only thing that they needed due to their anger issues. There are people out their struggling to get their anger issues sorted and all they seek is support, just like you do. It is relieving to find people living the same life as your’s in times of misery. Because they’re the ones who have experienced what you are experiencing and reaching out to them and addressing your problems with them only makes the whole process a lot easier. Often these support groups have really fresh and effective exercises that make you value what you’re losing out on and it is a blessing to have such people support you.


4) Learn to forgive and forget.

Letting go often gives us something greater in return. Freedom. Yes. We don’t realize that in the process of holding onto to something that happened in the past, something negative, we cage our emotional freedom. Thinking about that particular person or incident agitates us and that anger lingers on. Forgiving and forgetting is not an easy thing to do. First you need to think of what’s exactly making you angry and then you must try and accepting it as just another memory that does not necessarily need storage in your heart. Making peace with a person that has angered you can be really soothing. It’s like a burden off of your shoulders. Try forgiving and not holding any grudges. It makes life easier.


5) Distract yourself when you’re angry.

Distractions can really help at times. Ignorance could very well prove to be bliss in selective situations. There are times when you can’t help feeling angry and there’s a volcano inside you that could burst any moment. In situations like these when you are already too enraged to practice yoga and nothing comes to your rescue, do something creative. Venting out your anger on people gives terrible results. Therefore, you don’t have to hold your anger in, just do something you like doing. Write, click, draw, paint, do whatever that interests you. You’ll slowly feel the anger fading away.


6) The old tip : Count.

This is the oldest anger management tip that exists and never fails to impress me. The count till ten admonition basically emphasizes on the essence of anger management- distraction and time. The benefits of counting can be maximized by combining it with deep breaths which helps to calm our minds. A new kind of energy is generated within us while we count and deep breathe which subsides the tension.


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