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6 ways to avoid Procrastination


We live in an era of workaholics. Everyone is trying hard to achieve one thing or the other. We have been trained to from the right moment of our childhood to deal with deadlines. We are very good at dealing with them, and that comes as no form of certain deal. But with things that doesn’t come attached with a date on its shoulder, we often tend to procrastinate.

For example, you can just think of one thing you wanted to do last month but been quite busy around the essentials that you couldn’t find time to linger around. In short, you procrastinated. And it’s nothing to get progressive-regressive about; we all are brought down one time or other by random distractions. And you’ll be glad to know, that you’re far from lone in this habit of yours. It is a part of every third personality you encounter in your daily life.

The one thing you’ve to tackle with is: how to deal with your pet demon here. Firstly, you can make use of social media websites that tells you the level of procrastinator you’re. And with that you can start dodging the moments of procrastinations one at a time. And you’ll be surprised with the kind of results it’ll reflect on your work and personal life.

Better be working, while we provide some of the ways through which you can excuse your procrastination delay.

Ditch your online social presence

It might be hard for the gazillion of friends and followers who wait with baiting breath to encounter your next selfie, or check-in. But ditching the Facebook/Twitter/Instagram might actually help you get your work done in time. And you would be left wondering how easily you were able to complete within abided time.

With the smartphone in hand, there is always a tendency to check for one last notification/re-tweet. So it’s rather be advisable to keep the damn thing away so that the focus is mainly on the task. Accumulated time saved from the savvy can obviously be used for something better.


Stop over-organizing

Organizing is a good thing if you want to live hurdle-free and want to have an easy look out for things around. But believing in the karmic assumption of the good deal with organizing and spending far too much time on planning rather than getting the actual work done is never gonna help.

It is one thing to live in a clutter free space and another living behind the post-its. In School, there were times when I spend a lot more time designing the time-table for my studies rather than actually abiding by it and doing some curricular with the books. I hope you got the idea.


Set your priorities

It is often the case that people end up completing work that could have been done any other day of the calendar, and miss the essentials that leads them to losing of things that matter. Procrastinating the work you’re planning to, and spending time on customize your profile is certainly a problem. Setting up of your priorities is a must.

You can start of planning your day, not taking up ample time and planning every hour but just having an idea of things of importance that needs to be through at the prior. You can procrastinate the other things; it’s often easy that way.


Start with the one you’re hard on

Time and again we have a leaning towards avoiding the works that we’re uncomfortable with. And with each day, it gets postponed and soon it’ll be something you thought off in the past. If the work is important enough, make up your mind and cut that off your list at first rather than procrastinating it for some other fine day. Trust us; you will be more relieved than ever. Plus, if it’s challenging you gain a little bit of self-esteem. That ain’t bad, right?


Start Multi-tasking or Stop Right Away

I’m not creating a dilemma for you here, just clearing some air for the better purpose. Let’s face the cold truth, some people are good with multi-tasking and some are miserably failure. So stick with one you’re comfortable with, and just don’t try to cross the bridge.

It will affect your efficiency better than any boost-up you can think off. You don’t want to waste your time on a single factor or spending your time all over again on the same shit. So better be done with it.


Take breaks and keep negative thoughts off the bay

If you’re feeling low at any certain point of time, do not just ditch the work- Take a small break and think about the same thoroughly. You don’t want to get the negative thoughts about consequences over yourself and affecting your work lately.

Breaks will help to clear your mental stress and strengthen you. Plus, it might also help you provide coming up with a better outlook to handle the deal. Otherwise, a little bit of caffeine break is not that bad to think off.


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