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With the air filled with love and season of weddings coming ahead, soon brides to be are more than excited. The excitement of entering into a whole new realm with everything oh-so-charming seems to have taken the brides on a joy ride.

A once in a lifetime chance which is definitely going to stir up your emotions and make you all mushy every time you scroll through the pictures! The best moment of getting hitched has to perfect. Perfect decoration, perfect guest list, perfect food and wine and most importantly, a perfect bride!

Shopping for a wedding gown can be as exciting as tiring, not just physically but mentally as well. Trying of hundreds of dresses before finding the best suited is undoubtedly the most draining task. The mental stress of looking absolutely flawless adds to the misery. If you are a plus sized bride, thing are automatically a bit more difficult for you. Sadly, all the dresses are made to design keeping the average figure in mind. But don`t worry. Here`s the much needed advice for all the plus size soon to be brides.


   9 July 2014 (8)

Before going for wedding shopping, do some body research. It`s best to know your body inside out and moreover, to feel pretty in it. It really doesn`t matter which size you are. You are going to marry the man of your dreams, isn`t that a reason enough to love your life?
After being much knowledgeable you will know exactly the type of wedding gown you want. This piece of research will make sure that you opt for dresses suitable for your body shape. Whether it’s the pear shape or apple, don`t worry, stores have clothes for all these body types.
Knowing your body type closely will actually help you choose the sort of patterns and textures which will enhance your features. Do you know your body type?


9 July 2014 (19)
To shine out like a rockstar you must love yourself. So what if you`re not the average size? Does that make you a less pretty person? No! It`s very important for you to embrace your body and love it the way it is. Moreover, you must feel comfortable in your own skin. There`s to shy away for. Be confident. Be the real you. It`s your day and nobody can take that away from you.
Just be happy and smile throughout. Stressing yourself and thinking about your look will only mess up with your brains. It`s best to stay calm and enjoy the pre-marriage last days.
Have a bachelorette party and live off your spinster days. And just, relax.


9 July 2014 (28)
While finalizing your wedding trousseau keep in mind your body type. Opt for fabrics which will suit you. Go for styles and printed which will flatter your edgy features. Play with your look but, skilfully.
Fabrics such as silk, satin and taffeta looking amazing on fuller frames as they adapt to the body and help to conceal heavier areas. Taffeta is one such fabric which the saviour of curvy girls. This evens out and smoothens everything out, giving a straight look and effortless hiding of pesky areas.

The most common fashion blunder plus size brides do is to go for beaded gowns. Well, this should be definitely off your list. Having a beaded or heavily laced outfit will only grab attention at all the wrong places. This will make you look more heavier.
Say NO to beaded gowns!

Just because you are on the heavier side doesn`t mean you cannot wear fitted dresses. Fitted dresses enhance your perfect features and voluptuous curves without even trying too hard. To be able to flaunt a fitted gown, you should first understand your body shape. Once you are through with it, you can easily pick out clothing items for yourself without having much assistance from anyone.
The most crucial thing is to know yourself and to come in terms with embracing the idea of what will suit your body and what won`t.
If you have a heavy bottom, go for deep necks and bare that A-line cut. Whereas if you are someone with a heavy top, try going for trumpet silhouettes.


9 July 2014 (27)
This is probably the best advice to follow. I understand it must be daunting to enter a showroom which is full of dresses for the average size, but you must be open about your preference. Don`t be shy, just express what you are looking for. Specify the size, the pattern, the design and everything else. Make sure you bond with your assistant and both of you together bring out a perfect wedding gown.
You have to wear is, so you might as well tell them how you wish it to be like.

It`s absolutely alright if you don`t want to wear a tube or halter gown. Even though that what pretty much everyone wears, but who said you have to be in the line?
Get creative, be you!
Talk to your stylist and get a custom made gown. Add sleeves if you want, whether lace or simple lining. Get the kind of neckline you want. Ask for the shade of the dress you wish to wear. Do just about anything which makes you feel satisfied with your wedding attire.

Swear by these and you will steal the show. Not only you will dazzle the floor but will always cherish the memories that you will hold on to.
Happy wedding!



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