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6 things Money cannot Buy


The great things in life are free. Even while quoting the old saying, the understatement made here is obvious. We are talking of money, thinking of ways where not to spend it and to save it. For most of the people, save the ascetics, money stands the most important in life. In order to buy a commodity, gift a luxury or save for the posterity, you need money. But there are certain things in life which money can never buy. Good friends, blood relations, respect, trust, love and character are some of the many things which remain untouched and pious. These are the priceless assets whose value is greater than any other material item you own. From a child’s smile to the honesty of a beggar, these are some of life’s best treasures that cost nothing at all.

1. Love


Love is given to us in unexpected and special ways. Be it the almighty’s love, the concern of your parents, the romantic love between the better halves or the intimacy love. No amount of money could buy true love. Howsoever cheesy it may sound, but it is true to the core. Finding your love among the masses is like searching for a needle in the haystack. You do not know when you will hit the right point and you just have to go with your search. No money can help you buy your girl or guy of dreams.

2. Friendship


Good friends are like the blood relations you never had. Money may fetch you temporary friends but the best friends are those who share mutual trust, experiences and love. They care for one other and grow together through the phases of life. Good friends are god’s gifts to us, as the adage goes. Gifts can never be valued in terms of money. Hence, to validate the statement go and have a good look at your classmates and your friends. True friends who have your back are the ones you need to look for.

3. Health


Money can buy you expensive medicines, provide you good health care and let you rest in the best of the hospitals. But it can never replace the health which is lost. Prevention is far better than the costly cure. Watching what you eat, exercising, not smoking, drinking water and getting regular physical checkups are must. You cannot rely on money once your body has started to fail you. Money will not be able to save you at that crucial point of time. You cannot rejuvenate your green and young day’s howsoever costly cosmetics you may buy. It is all an illusion one runs after in order to preserve their youth. Once it is gone, you can use your whole bank balance in vain.

4. Peace


If money could buy peace, then we would be by there now. When tony stark jokingly quoted about bringing peace with the help of his weapons, it was only in a movie. In real life, millions have been spent on the name of peace with no fruitful results. Peace is not something which can be bought in a whiff of time. It is to be earned by treating humanely, acting wisely and in the good of mankind. But the situation has aggravated to such an extent that peace is something which is only dreamt of. It can never be attained in reality.

5. Contentment


Being from a middle class family, I know the importance of money. I cannot afford to buy expensive branded clothes every now then just for the sake of it, but even now when I have started to earn a little by writing articles, I do not think of shopping as a grave task to do. I am content and satisfied with the little I have. I would love to expand my wardrobe, I am sure every girl wants to do that but it is not a necessity. Time will surely give me more what I am worth of. But with the family I have, the friends I go out with and the sweet boyfriend in my life, forgot to mention my dearest pet dog, I am happy with my life. Money has got nothing to do with any of these.

6. Smiles and laughs


Isn’t the best of the smiles compared to a glowing flash of light? They can wave off every trouble and bring your life back to square one. Money cannot buy the warmth of a smile and the wonders of laughter. When you think of all the possible reasons to be happy, what all comes to your mind? Good food cooked by mom, hour less shopping sprees, a good outing with your family or friends or a sound sleep. Money definitely buys the commodities put in together but it can never buy the expression. The simplest things of life bring a beaming gladness to our lips. Sweet surprises, a favor done to a stranger, a kind whisper, a hearty joke with friends are all you need to be happy about.

The world is small and you have pretty little time in your hands. Venture out and look that are in need. See to it that your family and friends are not hurt by any of your misdeeds. Make the world a better place.

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