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6 things that can be done at home to save the environment


Saving the environment and going green are probably the two things that have taken up centre stage in the current global situation. Everyone is taking stringent actions to make sure that they give the smallest contributions to save the environment that gives us so many things. Though there are a lot of NGO’s taking active part in these kind of campaigns, we can do a bit to the environment to make sure that we do our bit to the world, even by sitting at home. Recycling and Reusing things is certainly a good option and some of the things that can be done from home have been mentioned in this article:

1. Recycle paper to do art works:

There are a lot of women empowerment groups which volunteer in the manufacture of goods from waste. If you are free, then you can help yourself by joining in some of these activities. The newspapers that we use at home can be taken and mashed into tiny bits and pieces. Then it is mixed with water and adhesive which is water based and smashed continuously till the colour is matched out evenly. Then it is laid flat on a sheet and dried till it becomes a uniform layer. When this is done with, the product is painted and it gives a unique texture to the painting giving it a dimensional look. This can then be laminated and included in the art work for display at home.

2. Recycle earthen pots by making them bright:

Earthen pots, when cracked or broken go as waste. Since it is used as a cooling device in Indian homes, we buy it every season and then throw it off when not in good condition. To put the waste pots to best of its use, buy acrylic paint from the stationary and make portrays and paintings out of it. This can be used as public displays at home or if there is plenty of space in the park nearby, it can be sold to them at a nominal cost.

3. Old glasses to make flower vase:

The glasses that we use at home break in one end or the other. When this happens, we tend to throw it away. Instead of doing so, the glass can be taken to a vendor who cuts it in correct dimensions. Ask the vendor for the exact cut and join it using adhesive. When the adhesive is set, it forms a beautiful vase which can be used to display flowers.

4. Broken Ceramics in walls:

Ceramic cookware which includes plates and dishes are broken if not used carefully. Ceramics, when painted gives an excellent texture and this can be used on the walls. Even the plates which are not used for a long time can be used to do fancy stuff like this. The advantage that these plates gives is that when it is used in a room which contains electronic woofers, it gives a pleasing sound to the ears even at higher volumes. This happens due to the curved nature of these plates. It does not take a lot of work to do this. Cement must be applied on the wall and small cuts must be made on them to make sure that the plates lie steadily on the walls. When this is done, a coat of industrial adhesive is applied to the backside of the plates and it is struck in the wall.


5. Waste from food to composite management:

Composite is an important thing that makes sure that the crops grows well. Composite management is done by many farmers and there are government established agencies who do this in the markets as well. Therefore, all the waste that is obtained from the food is taken to these agencies which make sure that they produce manure out of it. It is not necessary that all the waste must go to composite management. If there are plants that are grown in your home or in a park nearby, you can go ahead and use this waste on it. It is not essential that all the waste is thrown on it. It must be made sure that there are not external particles available in the waste, which if available would bring down the quality of the plant’s product.


6. Plastic Cups to make wall-hanging lights:

Plastic cups comes in all shapes and sizes. But once these cups are used, it is not utilised again after that and it goes into the waste basket. Instead of doing this, the cups can be used to make fancy wall-hangings which can be couples as lights for the night. Small LED lights are available in all shapes and colours and once these plastic cups are remade into some artful form, these LED lights can go inside the cups. The advantage of using LED lights is that it does not need any external wiring and so there is no need to cut these cups. Instead, a battery is all that it takes to light the LED. Since it comes in a variety of colours, the user has the choice the switch between colours based on the ambience.


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