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6 Simple Ways of Losing Weight at home without Exercising or Dieting


Its summer time, time to shed off the fat that you gained during winters. As the summer begins the layers start to come off and beneath all those layers there comes out a huge layer of fat, which worries almost all of us. But then again, even if we want to do something about that really huge layer of fat, we still don’t have that much motivation to get and go to the gym. Going to the gym is just too much of an effort and if you do go once that does not mean that you are going to become a regular there and be a hardcore work out freak, cause if you were one that layer wouldn’t have been there. Such thoughts keep crossing our minds. No matter how hard we try to hit the gym we just can’t, so let’s just accept that we are all too lazy to do it. But then how to lose weight, right? Well there are simple steps which you can follow easily at home, which will help you tone your body and make you lose weight.

1 Eating Habits:


Eat as much as you want to, there is no stop on that. But you have got to stop on all of those packaged food and sodas. They contain a lot of fats which stick to your body. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and raw vegetables. They are the best form of food to be eaten as they contain the minerals in their raw forms, which are good for the body. Eat at least 6 meals in a day; the meals should be of the size of your fist. Include as many fruits and vegetables in your diet as you can.

2. Water:

Front image_drinking-water

Water. Oh that thing which runs through taps and which we are supposed to drink and most of the time we avoid drinking? Well water is the best hydrant of all the other drinks. Drink water as much as you can. At least drink 7 to 8 glasses of water. Try to inculcate the habit of drinking cold water, as it helps burn fat. The temperature of water is lower than that of the temperature of the body, so the body has to work in order to bring down the temperature of water, hence burning fat. Drinking cold water can help you lose up to 0.5 kg of weight in a year. Apart from keeping your body hydrated, water also cleanses your body and removes the impurities.

3. Walk:


Walking is something we all do no matter how lazy we might be. Yes, walking does help reduce weight if one has a proper healthy diet. Walking at least 8000 steps a day can help you tone your body and keep you fit. If you are more of a jogger, then jog for at least 30 minutes daily and you will lose at least a kilo by the end of the month. Walking or jogging whichever you prefer helps you to remain healthy and re-vitalizes your body in n number of ways. It also helps to keep your mind fresh. We all need fresh air from time to time. If you can’t go for a daily walk then get up and work around your office area at least every half an hour. Walk as much as you can.

4. Take the stairs:


If you are scared of elevators, then it’s going to do you a lot of good and if love elevators, then it’s time someone broke it to you that technology is harmful. Climb the stairs at least once every day. Climbing stairs helps to tone your lower body. We all do that step-up exercise in the gym. This is just the real version of it. If you are like Po and stairs are your worst enemy? Then pump up some good up beat music and think of that dress you want to fit in and climb, climb away to glory. If you stop using lifts completely then you’ll have a toned lower body even before you know it.

5. Beverages:


It’s time to say goodbye to your best friend named ‘Soda’ which comes in all sorts of different flavors and also to those evening drinks with friends. Yes, Alcohol also makes you gain weight. Bid farewell to them both and will do you more good than you think. Inculcate the habit of drinking tea and coffee. After you get up and before you eat your breakfast try and have green tea with honey or just luke warm water with honey, it will help to bring down the metabolism. Have juices instead of sodas and make smoothies at home.

6. Leg raises:

6ca6767601180b2d_side-lying-liftsSeeing people on the television and wondering why you don’t look like that? Well do leg raises, it will tone your lower body as well as legs. There are so many different ways of doing leg raises. Do 3 sets of ten at least of one, on a regular basis and slowly increase the number or change the exercise so that the area of concentration keeps changing.  2

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