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6 Simple Steps: To Help A Friend Suffering from Clinical Depression


With the change in the lifestyle of people, the number of cases of mental ailments has been on a rise for a long time now. Even the most complex mental ailment brings along with itself the mental ailment of Clinical Depression. Clinical Depression if scientifically described would be:  A mental condition characterized by severe feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy, typically accompanied by a lack of energy and interest in life”. As the mental ailment of Clinical Depression is becoming common, the problem that crops up along with it, one of them would be how to deal with people who suffer from this particular mental ailment. What to do and what not to do when it comes to a general case of Clinical Depression. So here are some Dos’ and Don’ts’:

1 Acceptance is the Key:

bigstock_The_Road_To_Recovery_9550325If you know someone who is suffering from Clinical Depression, then the first thing to do would be to accept them the way they are. You can’t change it or do anything about them apart from being there. Accept them and make sure you make them feel accepted and do not treat them differently as they are no different from you and me. They are normal people whose ‘Reality is Different From Yours’. When they tell you about their emotions, please try not to show extreme emotions as it would make things harder for them. Make them feel accepted with their ailment. But treat their ailment different from them as they are not their ailment.

2. Action Speaks Louder Than Words:

The second step after acceptance would be talking to them about how they feel. Don’t push them into talking to you. Make them feel the love and the care that you have for them and that you will be there for them. Like George RR Martin said : “Words are Winds”. So get yourself into action and make them realize that they are not alone and that someone is ready to stand by them. But do not put yourself out there too much, as it will give wrong ideas and leave them alone whenever they ask you to do so.

3. Mind Your Words:


Think twice before you talk. Your mother or father used to tell you that when you were small. Remember? Well this is exactly the time to put it into use. Do not say stuff that you are going to end up regretting and would end up hurting them more than you can think. One example would be telling them that what they think is stupid. That’s not going to get either of you anywhere, but it might just pull them down. Avoid calling them words like mad or crazy, because they are not. Some of these people have more sense of reality than you would.

4. Don’t Judge:

depression 003

So you have accepted them for who they are, but you are not able to help but judge them. One thing which you need to understand really very clearly is that no matter what you think whether we are responsible or not responsible for our feelings, these people have chemical imbalance in them which makes them feel the way they do. They can judge write from wrong, but they can’t help how they feel. If they want to end it all, it’s not because they don’t appreciate life, it’s because they can’t handle the pain that they go through. Emotional pain is a lot tougher to handle than physical pain of any sort. Emotional pain eats you on the inside and then slowly starts to eat on your body too. Leaving you both physically and mentally hollow.

5. Don’t Say NO:


We spend most of our lives learning how to say no, but then again there are times when saying no can do more harm to the other person. There are some situations which you do not have full understanding of, because you haven’t been through it. You can’t say yes that you understand them fully, because you don’t. You have faint ideas about everything that they are going through. Yes, you are trying real hard to help and that fact does not go unacknowledged. When situations like cutting arises, do not ask them to stop. Don’t. Because these are things you don’t fully understanding. Cutting is a way of making one better, even though its wrong. You can’t make them stop, all you can do is help them divert their thoughts and help them reduce. Someone who is a proper cutter, can’t stop that easily because they are addicted to it. So don’t say no when your friend tells you that he or she cuts, just help them.

6. Distractions:


The last and the most important step is to help your friend find distractions in life. Make them involved in new hobbies and actions which would help them grow and find themselves again. Motivate them. Tell them they can do it. There is nothing in this world that they cannot do. Make them join recreational activities and be a part of it yourself, so that they never feel alone.

Just these few steps can do wonders and help someone who is going through it. You cannot cure them, so don’t expect to. You can only do your bit and help them do things and help them fix things. They will be a lot stronger with your help. So do your bit.

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