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6 signs you’re growing as a person


I think growing old and growing up only sound similar and quite honestly, even though wisdom comes with age as they say, there’s no guarantee that you’ll grow wiser as you grow older. Somewhere in the process of growing up we lose our innocence, our ability to find happiness in little things, we lose the simplicity in things. We think beyond what we can take and do very little to change things. Execution takes a backseat and a lot of unnecessary thinking takes control of us. As you grow old you have a choice to either grow into a better, wiser person with better reasoning, understanding and rationality or you can turn into someone who is hell bent on complicating his/her life and just trying to do things in order to be accepted by people. You can grow into an envious person who’s never satisfied with what they have and all feeding on other people’s lives because they don’t have anything sufficiently interesting going on in theirs.

You could be the person stalking the social media profile of the hottest girl in college and trying to figure out how she got where she is or you could be someone who’s actually genuinely interested in getting a degree and making a difference to the world. While most choose the former, some choose the latter path. How do you figure out whether you’re growing as a person or not? Here are some changes you’ll notice.

  1. Positive outlook:

Your perspective towards things will begin to change. While you’ll still feel the need to be in touch with the world around and you’ll still feel the same needs as they do but you’re going to be positive about your life. You’ll envy less and focus more. The grass might as well be greener on the other side, but your focus will be on watering your own garden instead of admiring someone else’s. You’ll begin to see good and feel good at least most of the times.


  1. Better understanding:

You’re not going to be childish about things anymore. You wouldn’t get mad at people for little things and break friendships at the drop of a hat. You’ll have a better understanding of people, how they function and what makes them who they are. Your focus will be on their story and how they got here instead of judging them solely on basis of what your naked eye witnesses. You’ll be a deeper person with less clouded vision and a better heart.


  1. Letting go:

You’ll not be that guy who’s holding on to high school grudges anymore or that girl who left you. You won’t hate them anymore because you don’t have the space for that in your life. You’re a finer person today who isn’t jobless enough to rethink his past over and over and let it boggle up in your head. You’re not going to make people uncomfortable because of what they did to you because you know you’re better than that and well, you really are.

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  1. More productive:

You’ll focus all your energy into some good work that’ll get you rewards as well as benefits those around you. You won’t be a shallow little prick who whiles away time at his office or flirts with women around. You’ll be a go getter now because you’ll understand the value of work, of how it benefits people, how it benefits you and you’ll be more focussed. You’ll always be up for a challenge and will do anything to complete your work targets. You’ll be moderately ambitious, like just the right amount and you’ll only positively contribute to overall well being of you and your people.


  1. Accepting your mistakes:

You won’t be the one hiding behind a curtain each time you commit a mistake or shifting blame. You’ll stand up and admit to your mistakes. You’ll learn to take blame just as to take credit. You won’t be a coward and you won’t be afraid of your mistakes anymore. You’ll recognise your flaws and accept them whole heartedly and find people who can do that for you too. And you’ll learn to acknowledge that other people are equally capable of making mistakes which will make you more forgiving.


  1. Value commitment:

You won’t be the one backing out of plans and projects at the last moment. You will acknowledge failure just as you acknowledge success. You’ll learn to keep promises and stick to your word. You’ll understand that your presence or absence or stuff you say affects those around you too and not just you. You’ll be less absorbed and more sensitive towards how your actions affect those around you and if something you do could cause inconvenience to someone else too. You won’t be indifferent anymore, you’ll be sensitive mature and able and your presence will hereon be cherished and desired everywhere.


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