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6 most common side-effects that high dose of medicines can trigger!


Are you one of those who don’t mind taking a tablet even for an acute headache? Is your first aid box full of medicines for various diseases which you keep on taking every now and then? Since you remember on tips the names of dozens of medicines, do you keep on suggesting them to others too?

Have you ever given a thought to the possible consequences of these medicines taking habits on a regular basis? When you intake any tablet without getting any prescription from a well qualified doctor then you are putting your health on a big risk. And you yourself make the situation worse when you become addicted to such drugs.

side effects of medicines

Ok, I agree that tablets are not completely bad. We seriously can’t live without their aid in case of a serious disease. But is it really necessary to intake them in simple cases like a mild body pain? Medicines are complex yet marvellous chemical compounds which are designed and synthesized by genius minds. Before any medicine is launched into the market, years of research is conducted to assure its safety. But still things can go wrong and they often do! And the explanation for this is quite simple; no synthetic stuff is free from side effects.

Tablets bring with them their own set of worries, the most disturbing of them are:

1 You get addicted to them, and no addiction is good.

When you make a particular drug your habit, then your body refuses to leave it. If suppose you get addicted to promethazine or to any other medicine for cold then you will get a strong urge to take it every time you will catch cold. It is ok to an extent but not completely since it may hamper with your body’s natural metabolism in the long run. Remember that overdose of any drug can have the same effect that drugs like cocaine or heroin can have on your body.

drug addiction

2 You can lose your crown of glory, your beloved hairs!

Yes, this is that one which you must have heard from many people around you. Being on medication on a long term basis results in hair fall. You don’t identify it in the initial stage but it crosses the limit quite soon. It is said that you spot hairfall only when you have already lost more than 40% of your hairs.

3 You lose a lot of weight

At the initial stage, you kind of like this one if losing weight was in your mind since a while. You don’t even realize that it is because of side effects of medicines that you are becoming thin. Only when you start looking too lean to others then you realize that you have become underweight.

 4 A retarded Immune system

You don’t let your immune system works naturally even once. Isn’t it bound to get out of form? Your immune system becomes too weak to withstand anything. Research has proved this time and again that all steroid based drugs suppress your immune system and makes it less effective to fight against bacterial and viral infections.

5 Medicines can affect your intimacy drive

Hormones are very vulnerable when you are on a high medication dose. This can be a turn off in your personal life and will lead to unsatisfaction. People who use anti depressants are often found to have decreased interest in intimacy. This can also happen when you cross the dosage limit. Every pack of medicine comes with warning written over it that adult and/or children should not consume more than a fixed amount of tablet/ day. When you dare to cross it, your body’s hormonal balance is forced to get upside down.

6 The End: The Death

It is the worst of all. Although the probability of dying is not much high but yeah it still exist. It generally happens when people commit the biggest of all mistakes: mixing medicines! In the morning you took a tablet for headache and now you feel like taking one to combat stomach ache. How much well aware are you that the both medicines will not get mix together in your body to initiate an unwanted chemical reaction which can prove to be fatal? Are you confident that it’s no big deal? If you think it is ok then please consult a doctor before practising this in reality! Because mind you, it can take your breath away too!


I seriously hope that you will think twice before taking any medicine the next time and will only take it if the situation is unavoidable. Once you enter the world of powerful drugs it becomes really difficult to come back to the original state. Isn’t it surprising to note that you take medicines which often causes headache and then you have to take another to cure the headache. This chain is interlinked and goes on and on. To stay fit and healthy, it is advisable to use herbal remedies. Not only their side effects are minimal, their benefits are more too. You took lemonade for a clear stomach and you will end up losing weight too. The nature and its stuff are magical, use them in right way and you will never ever feel the need of having any tablet for simple reasons, because prevention is far much better than cure.

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