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6 reasons why our school friends always remain special


You’ll move on, you’ll party, you’ll work 9 to 5 in the office, you’ll get married, you’ll have kids and you’re going to get really busy with your life. That’s a cycle most of us eventually end up falling into because of the growing stress and lack of time for self or to invest in things you love. But we all have memories, and we have people to fall back upon, of course family but then apart from that too. We have friends, those rare beings who choose to put up with us even when they’re not obligated to and who we probably have the fondest memories of, the most fun and cherished days with. Friendship is special mostly because it’s a relationship solely out of choice, there’s not a contract you have to sign which legally binds you together, neither is there a blood relation, it’s just a few people who surround you and change you inevitably and forever and make your life better and happier with every passing second. Now we all have different sets of friends we make at different places and through different phases of life, some in school, some in college, some at work, and some at random classes and internships and parties and well, there are innumerable sources. But for some reason, except if you’ve been a complete loner in school or just met all the wrong kinds of people, we all have at least a couple of friends from school who’re closer to us than most of our other friends. Now if you wonder why that’d be, here’s why.


Time factor:

School years could basically range from like the age of 4 to the age of 17, which is a lot of time. You don’t spend that much time even usually on one job or at least in the same office, but you spend quite a lot of time in school. Especially if you’ve stayed in the same school for all of your school life, you’re likely to have the best bonds in there because it’s where you belong. You spend like 6-7 hours of your day with the same people for years and years, that’s a whole lot of time and way too many memories.


Growing up together:

You’ve been together through the years when you’d make two ponytails to school and do your homework religiously every day, when you’d borrow each other’s pencil and eraser during tests and think of cheating as a heinous crime, when you’d have crazy silly crushes at the boy who sat next to you during exams and you’d blush every time someone took his name. You’ve seen it all, you’ve grown up with that person because you’ve been there with them for most of their childhood or at least the part of the childhood they’d remember.


Too many transitions:

You’ve grown up together obviously means that they’ve seen you change and probably transform into a completely different person altogether. They’ve seen your perceptions change, your priorities change, and even the way you look change quite drastically and they’ve accepted you through all of that and loved you. That sounds like someone’s who’s going to stay and we all need our set of forever people now, don’t we?


All kinds of memories:

Since you’ve clearly spent so much time together you’ve probably had most of your firsts in their presence which makes them ten times as special as anyone else. They were there when you had your first crush, the first time you won a dance competition or your first debate win, your first relationship, your first kiss, your heartbreaks, your low periods, when you were ditched by other people, when you went alone for a movie or for a trip for the first time, they’ve been there through it all. You’ve had about more than half of your best memories with them.


The home connection:

You’ve been friends for like most of your life so clearly you’d have had a lot of going to each other’s place, visiting each other often, being invited to family functions, too many sleepovers and everything. So your parents know them and their family and everything so you’ll always be connected one way or the other, and in all likelihood your parents even really like them a lot so if you don’t call them over they would. That makes it easier to stay in touch.


They get you too well:

They know you inside out, how you fundamentally are, how you function on a daily basis, what you like to eat most, what do you do when you’re bored, where do you go when you’re upset, your favourite song, your deepest darkest fears and secrets, how you’d react in a particular situation, how well can you lie or if you totally can’t, whether you’re a text person or a call person. They’d probably even know where to find stuff you’ve lost at your own place. You can’t let go of someone who knows you that well now can you?


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