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6 reasons to love summers


So we’ve just hit monsoons, and it rains abruptly any time of the day, anywhere, without so much as a warning signal and sometimes it really does annoy the hell out of you. You got dressed up and now you’re drenched and look like a prisoner out of jail but well, rains are nice. They can be really gloomy and sad but mostly rain makes me very happy. Now we all have our favourite seasons don’t we? I know people who can’t wait for summers, some who can’t wait for rain, and plenty of those who just love the chilly winters and warm cuddling in the blanket. Even though I would call myself a winter person somehow, I do really love summers too. Summers are happy, even though it’s very hard to go out in the day without getting drenched in your own sweat and even the lightest fabric feels like such a weight on your body but there’s something about those happy summery mornings, all that light shining on you through the glass window, all the colours people wear, all those yummy fruits you get to have, all those stunning summer dresses and then there’s again plenty of things to beat the heat, aren’t there? Now let’s look at some reasons to look forward to summers:

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All that clothing variety:

Okay this has to be my favourite reason for loving summers. All those pretty and bright summers are finally out of the dingy corners of your wardrobe and you’re all set to rock the streets if not the ramp. Summers are experimental and high on fashion. You get so much variety in the kinds of clothes you could wear unlike the winters wear no matter how stunning your outfit is, it has to be all about covering yourself up as much as you can. Even though we all prefer lighter fabrics for the winter too but we’ve still got more options, and more colours. Winters lack colours even though winter clothes could also be pretty damn good. You could wear a long printed skirt with a white tank top and a pair it up with bright accessories, or wear a fitted Aztec print dress and turn heads at a party. There’s just no stopping in Summers now, is there?


Longer days:

So what if your parents don’t allow you to stay out in the dark? It gets dark pretty late in Summers so you’ve automatically got more time to chill with friends. The sun sets so early In the winters that you’ve to rush home by 6, while in summers you get about 2 hours more than that. Even though I personally prefer nights over days but then people have restrictions right?



NOW WHO DOESN’T LIKE SOME YUMMY JUICY MANGOES IN THEIR TUMMY? Fresh mangoes is all I wait for through the winter months, because they’re the king of fruits! No matter how much they convince you in those Slice and Maaza ads that the mango season never ends, it really does. Artificial mangoes and fresh mangoes are two really different things at the end of the day so while they’re here, let’s savour them, shall we?


Bright sunny days:

Summers are all about colours and light now aren’t they? Wherever you go you see bright lit up rooms, blooming flowers in little patches in the gardens, streets covered with fallen leaves, light reflecting through tainted windows, umbrellas, printed jump suits and all those happy things. Not a thing about summers is dull and boring. It’s like summers put life into everything.


The ice cream season:

So many of you are ice cream freaks just like me I’m sure. Who doesn’t love ice cream? And in the winters when it’s chilly outside, you could probably catch a cold or get a bad throat so ice creams are basically a strict no no during the winters while in summers, nobody minds gulping down a three scoop ice cream as well because well it’s so hot outside you’ve got to find something to keep you cool and ice cream is your go to thing here. It’s always available everywhere, makes the perfect dessert, and makes your day too!


Long holidays:

Ever wondered why summer vacations are the best? That’s the one time of the year you get to take a long break and probably fly off to another country or town with family or friends, grab and a couple of beers and chill or explore another new place. Summers give you plenty of time to rejuvenate yourself and get a fresh start at things. Winter break is never long enough for anything even though sometimes summer break can also be boring because of how it’s so never ending. But if you know how to utilise this time, you’re sure set to love these summers!


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