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6 reasons to love books


Why does somebody love reading books? That is a strange question. Bibliophiles can answer this question by publishing another book. The list is endless. But we will go easy on the people out there. Here is the list containing 6 points. The love for books is undermined by mentioning only 6 points but that will be enough for a day.

1)Live a thousand lives

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads lives on one”

This is the magic of books. You visit places, you meet people of different states, and you have extraordinary experiences. Books are a portal to another place. Once you start reading, you almost feel that it is you in the book and it is your story. You feel the thrill. You feel the suspense. You experience the romance. It is surreal. When you read Harry Potter, you are transported to Hogwarts and suddenly you are a student in it. It is a short journey but it is worth it! Summing up with the words of Joyce Carol Oates- “Reading is the sole means by which we slip, involuntarily, often helplessly, into another’s skin, another’s voice, another’s soul.”


2)Way of escape

Books give you a temporary relief from your problems. For few hours in a day you get to live the life of a particular character- Rose, Katherine, Barry, it can be any character. You experience different emotions with each turning page. You forget your own problems and rather deal with the problems of the character, which is fun. As their problems get sort out in the end of the book and you feel light. You feel happy with a happy ending and if it is not happy, you feel a closure. Reading is peaceful.


3)Inspire us

Books inspire us in different ways. Some have insightful quotes, some have stories we can relate to, and some have tips. No matter which genre it is, every book leaves its piece within us. You can never in your life forget reading a book, its story, or its lesson. They get imprinted. That’s why books are way better than a movie. Books teach us the lesson gradually, unlike movies which are shortened to fit in 2 hour time span. Newspaper teaches us through hard realities, TV teaches us, well nothing, but books, they teach us the life lessons in the most beautiful way. Words knit into a beautiful story with characters we can relate to and ending which blows our mind away.


4)Books give us perspective

In one book we are a detective; going through the cases of Sherlock Holmes, in some other we are a married couple, troubled teenager, The President and what not. Books give us perspective. It changes the way we think. When we lead different live in book, we realize what wrong we are doing in ours! You will always find a paragraph, a quote, a line or even a word that strikes you. You relate to it and suddenly life seems good again. The sun is brighter and you feel lighter.


5)Words, words everywhere!

Nothing gives a reader more delight than learning new words. When they get to use the word in the right place, the feeling is nothing less than ecstasy! Books introduce words to us which we can never learn even if we cram Oxford dictionary day and night. Until you see a word in a sentence and get the sense in which it is being used, you can never remember the word. Books are a storehouse of synonyms, antonyms, poetry, oxymoron- almost a treasure to bibliophiles.


6)Past time to hobby to habit to addiction

“I was born with a reading list I will never finish”

Once you start enjoying reading, you can never let go. With each book finished you feel like you are atop the Mount Everest. From reading books in breaks you progress to taking breaks between finishing 3oo pages at once. The thicker the book, the more excited you are to read the last page. You love the company of books over people. Suddenly your weekend is spent over a cup of coffee with a book in your hands. Sometimes you are so engrossed in reading that you don’t raise your head up until your neck starts paining. Believe me that pain stays for a long time. But you remain undeterred and change the posture!


If you find reading boring, you are doing it wrong.We love reading because we love reading. We don’t find it boring, it doesn’t make us a geek and books will always be our priority over other plans!Book reading changes the way we think. They always offer us something new- new characters, new story, new adventure. They are like a whiff of fresh air in our monotonous life. They infuse life into the otherwise mechanical world. Books may be dying in the advent of e books. But books or e books, the world will survive as long as bibliophiles keep the habit of reading alive. The best thing is you can always find a meaning in every book you read. Movies turn out to be a waste of time. Books, they will never disappoint you.

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