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6 reasons to go for homemade lip scrub


If you are one of those people who have chapped lips and can`t help licking them, lip scrub is here to rescue you. Rejoice! You no longer have to bear the bleeding and dryness that comes on start of winters. You can have lush, red, smooth lips even in winters now. Good news for all the girls out there! You can take care of your chapped lips at home and within few minutes. Lip Scrub provides therapy for dry chapped lips.

What causes dry lips?

Dry lips is caused by many reasons-

  • Dry winds
  • Sun
  • Loss of moisture
  • Loss of natural oils
  • Dehydration

Put your worries aside. With homemade lip scrub you can fight all the above. Here is the list of highly effective ingredients used for making lip scrub-

  1. Sugar- Great exfoliating agent
  2. Honey- Has healing and antibacterial properties
  3. Rose petals- Enhance the lip color naturally
  4. Coconut oil- moisturizes the lips
  5. Others- olive oil, milk cream


Lip scrub can be prepared easily by mixing few of the ingredients together. It is time saving, easy to made and easily available. Besides these, lip scrub has many benefits as stated below-

1)Exfoliating Agent

Lip scrub works as an exfoliating product which helps in flaking off the dry cells on your lips. Due to dry winds and loss of moisture, dead skin cells starts accumulating on the lip surface. When the lips become excessively dry, the skin starts peeling off and cracks begin to appear. You can`t stop licking which makes the situation worse. It provides temporary relief but sucks out more moisture. Soon the bleeding starts. Lip balm don`t work effectively unless you get rid of dry cells. That means applying that expensive lip balm will go in vain if there is no lip scrub. Sugar with honey and olive oil makes an effective lip scrub. Honey softens the lips, sugar gets rid of dead cells and olive oil cleans off the dirt and gives a shine to your lips.

2)Home made

The world is going natural .Anything applied on body must be free of chemicals. You don’t need to spend money on expensive lip scrubs. Go search your kitchen and you will find all the ingredients. Natural lip scrub is made up of ingredients available at home-lemon, honey, sugar etc. One such example is sugar scrub. You just need to mix honey, sugar and olive oil till it becomes a paste and your lip scrub is ready. Know the best thing about homemade lip scrub? They taste better than the scrubs in market. You have to admit, whatever is on your lips- you do end up licking it a bit. So you get smooth lips and good taste. What more can one ask for?

 3) Makes your lips lush and red-

Dry chapped lips are a big turn off for beauty conscious people. Flakes on lips, people continuously licking them and slight bleeding do come in your quest for beauty. Winters are scary for girls as they are the signal for dry lips. Lip scrub will now be a “must have” item in their purses! Take no risk when it comes to your beauty. The worst thing for party goers- dry lips means no lipstick. It is a disaster. It pains and focuses everyone’s attention to your flaky lips. You will not be disappointed any more. The look will again be complete and perfect, once you apply lip scrub. Put on the red dress, wear high heels and lastly don`t forget that red lipstick.


4) No side effects

You can apply lip scrub without any concerns for further side effects.  Studies suggest that some lip balms (which have chemicals) have an addictive quality. If you use the lip balm in each hour, alas, you are a victim! This is the reason to go for natural lip scrub. After applying it you won’t have to look again and again in your purse for your lip balm every passing hour.

5) Pocket friendly

You can`t go for low cost lip scrubs as they might have low quality and might have adverse effects. When you decide to buy lip scrub from market, it hurts your pocket. So much money for lips! This is why you should go for home made lip scrub. Every item is already at your home as you eat them too.

6) Get kissable lips

No matter how loving your partner is, they will always stay away from kissing those flaky lips. If you take few minutes out to put a homemade lip scrub, the soft and shiny lips will make your lips kiss perfect! There is nothing more attractive than lush, red lips.

People pay less attention to their lips. They can spend hours cleaning their hands, legs and face but lips stay the same. When people look at you for the first time they notice your eyes, then smile and then lips. Believe me, when they see bloody, chapped and dry lips, your efforts to create a first impression goes down the drain. Now take care of your lips with easy to made, low cost, and natural lip scrub (free from chemicals).

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