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6 reasons for choosing fruits over fruit juices


We all have this notion in mind that fruit juices are one of the best fluids for our body. Not only they keep us hydrated but also fulfil our body’s requirement of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and much more. We think that we make a wise decision whenever we order a fruit juice pack instead of a soft drink. Well, no doubt your decision is wise but not wholly. Skipping soft drink is a wise decision but opting for packaged fruit juice is not entirely a good thought. It is so because packaged fruit juices come with numerous side effects.


To give your body a healthy treat, fruits are a far better idea than packaged fruit juices. Some of the reasons for why you should opt for fruits instead of fruit juice are:

   1 Excess amount of sugar

All those packaged fruit juices available in market are laced with an alarming amount of sucrose. And a drink loaded with hundreds of calories cannot be termed as ‘healthy’.

If you do not work out enough to compensate this high amount of sugar then you are bound to gain weight quite soon as all the excess sugar gets readily stored in our body in the form of fats. You skipped that milk to avoid fats and the juice you opted may give you even more fats!

sugar in fruits

Also to make your body intake such a high amount of sugar, dozens of chemicals like phosphoric acid are added to cut down the taste of sugar. First sugars and then acid, phew! Do you drink juice for them?

2 The threat of added preservatives

Just think for a minute, if you plan to make juice at your home then do you consume it after a couple of days? No, because you know it has become stale. How it is possible then that those packaged fruit juices comes with a shelf life of a year? It is made possible by enriching your pack of juice with dozens of chemicals knows as preservatives. Apart from hampering with the taste and nutrients, preservatives are notorious for being carcinogenic as well.

3 Beware of this: Flavouring agents

Make orange juice by yourself daily in your kitchen for a week and mind you, the taste will not be same even for two days. How come every pack of packaged fruit juice of a particular company tastes exactly the same?


Well, it is nothing but the magic of flavouring agents which can manipulate your juice pack entirely. The most crucial step to increase the longetivity of a pack of juice is to de-oxygenate all the fruits and the let the liquid stand for over a year. After this tenure, that liquid taste nothing like a fruit, not even something near to it. Then the role of flavours and fragrances comes into play. The world of chemicals is very dominating, it can make a thing appear, taste and smell exactly the way it wants! Thus those packaged fruit juices which find their way into your refrigerator can be fruit deprived but are definitely full of chemicals.

4 The possibility of having 0 fibres

A fibrous diet is every body’s need. Fibres have a number of health benefits and they also keep away many diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, stomach related diseases etc. And you can rely only on plant derivatives to fulfil your fibre need. When you intake a whole fruit, you also consume its fibre because the fibre is present in the peel of the fruits like apple, guava etc. But all the juices are found to contain negligible amount of fibres probably because that peel or the fleshy portion is discarded away. Hence even homemade fruit juices fail in this case.

5 Decreased Appetite and Lesser intake of nutrients

A glass or two can make you feel full and hence it can decrease your appetite. But the point of worry is that the required amount of nutrients is not present in packaged fruit juice. It can certainly hamper your health.

juice from fruits

You may wonder why there are lesser nutrients in that juice you bought if it is a derivative of fruits only. Well there are several answers to these. The most probable is either fruit is added in a very lesser quantity or fruit is not added at all. Many times flavouring agents are used to compensate for that taste. Another probable answer could be the process involved behind manufacturing of fruits. Processed juices are given heat treatment as a part of pasteurisation process. This process results in denaturing of several useful ingredients including digestive enzymes.

6 Bad stomach because of carbonated water

Many packaged fruit juices contain carbonated water just like soft drinks to impart a fizzy and tongue appealing taste. Although this carbonated water may not be a very serious concern but because of the carbonic acid so formed, the juice can get way too acidic. Also the bubbles formed can upset your stomach if you happen to gulp down a lot of it.

orange juice


So my readers, in nutshell,even 100% pure juice cannot be as much beneficial and healthy like a raw fruit. Hence a serving of fresh bowl of fruits will always be a far wise choice over a glass of juice. And if you still insist on having some, make a glass of juice yourself but remember to limit the servings!

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