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6 Reasons You should Always Dress Nice


Dressing well isn’t child’s play. Convincing yourself to dress well each day can be a tedious task and why should you even dress to impress each day? Some of us like to dress flawlessly because we enjoy it. And then there are some who absolutely despise dressing well and just put on whatever they can find because they don’t care enough to be judged on the basis of how they look. Fair enough. But there’s more to dressing well. You don’t dress to please others all the time. You can do it because you like to do it and you can do it can work in your favor when you find the situation is out of your control. Dressing well isn’t just a regular girly girl’s hobby, it is more like an art now and it is important. For those of you, who show zero interest in dressing well and have been underestimating the power of flawless dressing, here are reasons why you should always dress impeccably. No matter what occasion it is.

1) Dressing well immediately boosts confidence

A lot of people already deal with low self esteem issues and try to find ways to boost their self confidence. Your self-confidence directly influences your personality. If you feel confident in your skin, you do not shy away from mingling with new people and expressing themselves when required. Dressing smartly brings in the feel good factor where what you wear reflects your inner personality which ultimately has a huge impact on your attitude. Put in more efforts than usual and notice the change in your approach. Dressing well doesn’t have to be expensive and luxurious all the time, it simply means wearing outfits that flatter you and bring out the best in your personality.

2) Beauty doesn’t lie in the eyes of the beholder

And what if someone’s blind? Well to look at it from another angle, beauty cannot lie in the eyes of the beholder always. No one’s gonna call you beautiful just by looking you in you in the eye. Unless of course you have deep blue piercing eyes that can make enchant just about anyone. You gotta dress to impress. You have to wear your best clothes each day and make an effort towards looking beautiful because let’s face it, nobody calls you beautiful in your baggy shorts and a clumsy tee shirt. These lines that that someone accidentally blurt out and the world took them too seriously hold little value in realistic situations. Therefore, you should dress well if you want people to genuinely appreciate you.


3) Hone your creative skills

Creativity is required in the simplest of tasks in your daily life. For those who keep searching for opportunities to boost your creative skills, dressing up can really help you exploit that opportunity to the fullest. A lot of people despise waking up in the morning and having to decide the clothes they’re going to wear, but putting together an outfit does actually an innovative and crisp approach. Matching different patterns and cuts to create a look that compliments you can be one of the most challenging things to do. Think of dressing well as a recreational exercise where you could give wings to your imagination.


4) You have no idea who you might bump into

Why not dress impeccably for the strangers around and leave a lasting impression? You certainly must dress your best because you could bump into that ex-flame of yours and this might be a good chance to show him how liberating the breaking up part was and how minutely affected you are by it. You might just spot a really cute person on the streets and the first thing people you haven’t met before look at is your dressing sense. You don’t want to be spotted in a pair of track pants a camisole when you’re going out, because chances of you bumping into someone are really high.


5) Praises and compliments are a natural when you dress well

You are already high on self-confidence because of the awesome outfit you’re wearing. People would love to talk to you, ask you about where you got your clothes from and even praise you for having an impeccable taste in clothes. And who doesn’t love compliments? The praises will instantly make you feel more self-assured and free your spirit. So if you want people to notice you for the right things and praise you genuinely, you must dress to perfection each day.


6) Because YOLO

The word says it all. You only live once and life is already too short to spend in a pair of PJs and a Spongebob tee shirt. think of everyday as a little party and keep everything fabulous. You gotta put your best foot forward to have a win-win situation in life. Don’t dress to please anyone but yourself. Look forward to a new day by dressing exquisitely and notice how assured and confident you feel. You deserve to dress immaculately on even the saddest and uneventful days. A simple yet flattering outfit has the ability to take you places you’ve never been before.


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