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6 Places That should Never Be Visited on the Internet


There’s always a list of places sometime somewhere you should really see. But giving up the notion about actually going to visit, we bring to you some places on the internet that you should abide not to visit even when you’re high on cannabis (P.S. Especially when you’re high on cannabis).

Here’s the list. Remember them to not to be in their vicinity in near future.

Your old blogger/Journal

There is no place morbid than the path you’ve walked by. OK. I’ve no idea where this quote happens to fit in or comes from, you should know that it’s true to its facts in the phrase we’re talking about. You might be seriously considering the idea of going over the memory lane, but there is nothing more disturbing than watching your weird-self posting about some morbid exploratory, some head over heels love notes about the relationships that didn’t lasted a month and inner jokes shared between friends that made no sense when posted on social media. You would be devastated after watching yourself posting lessthanthree posts with lyrics around. And you’ll just wish to burn everything around in vicinity and never visit such sullen part of the internet.


YouTube Comments Area

Unless you’re edgy about the the fathomable construct of the universal being, or bored enough to see two hardly-literate dickheads arguing about Muslims in Kashmir, or their perspective about the recent music alliterations going around the iconic shit,Yo Yo Honey Singh; directly under the link of a video that talks about different types of fart about your girl SuperWoman – stay away.


Your ex’es social media profile

Just reverse your life for those seconds you checked her/his Facebook profile, and empower yourself with the amount of good feeling that encountered you in those seconds of guilty conscience.  Do you want to know what kind of person they became after leaving you on the road less travelled by. Two situations. One thing could be that, they have a become a social devdas who likes to lurk around the various pages of Ghalib shayris and post them for the tribute of their lost love, while posting depressing pictures of lonesome entity on the extreme corner of the tower. Otherwise, they could possibly be spending their time in exotic locations with their better half, looking good in their photogenic smiles and a cocktail by their side. What did you gained by either? Even if the first thing made you feel good for a certain seconds, but then that would be bad for your karma. Just stop torturing yourself, and block them out of your social profile for your own good.

Foodie’s Paradise Blogs (whilst hungry phase)

This is going to be painful, but truth has to be told even if it’s hard and cold. So even if you’re so devoured by looking at all those food porn posts featuring high-definition pictures of enchanting delicacies, for continuously hours; whist starving on the other side of the screen having no possible way towards the refrigerator –  still  there’s no technology that can help you towards the eyeball-stomach osmosis. This has been tried and failed every single time. And at end you would end up following those obnoxiously elegant blogs at tumblr while waiting for the bakery to open as soon as possible.

Tweet page of TV celebrities

Just stop right there! Take a moment for your own self and think about what on earth can you gain from stalking the tramp of certain random reality show, that has some like gazillion of followers re-tweeting her “Good Night” posts every now and then? Do you even happen to believe in such a blow off? Maybe not. But it a certain fact that, with such follow ups you’ll slowly lose the faith in basic idea of humanity and will pray to bring upon the satanic curse for the better, and that is something we don’t want to happen. These Cultures of Television media are slowly having their toll on the mind-set of every single being in the universe, moulding them as per to their consumer marketing. And that’s a bad thing. There is no possible outcome that you can obtain by coming to know the new shade of eyeliner the certain celebrity bought other day, or the kind of  hairdo he had lately. So why going there in the first place?


Online shopping sites

There was a time when I used to go to random online shopping stores of the big brands that are often out of sale in their factory outlets, choose the best of things that look good on the screen and put them eventually in the e-cart. But when it came to the checkout section, and after watching the prices along with the service charges, things always came to situations like “ROFL NO”. And I know you have been there, done that. Or maybe is that a new tab open at the moment?
Just a friendly remainder, spare the torture.

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