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Some people are scared of having single status so to be in a relationship they do various bizarre stuff from going from shopping enormously to spending lots of bucks on worthless thing because the other wants it. They do this crazy stuff in hope of finding a one with whom they can really connect. I think any person, whether they are single or not, can empathize with those feelings. We are all searching for that something special in our lives. And while I, too, would like to find “the one,” I also know the being single can be an important stage in life that comes with many benefits. And last I checked, I really wanted to be single so as to be spared from all obnoxious things and to enjoy my life on my terms and conditions. Here are some of the benefits of being single.


We can be so hard on ourselves, and maybe a big part of that is because just spending extended time alone is surprisingly hard. Going to dinner alone, taking long walks, and doing a little exploring with no one there to talk to can seem intimidating, even not worth it. But when you actually get to the point where your own quiet company is enough to have a great time, and you don’t need even if you may like the crowds and other voices in your ear, life becomes infinitely more enjoyable. You meditate, go for shopping and wear clothes of your own choice even if others don’t like them. You have all time in the world to do whatever you want without giving explanations to your partner. You can also enhance your creativity, join hobby classes or just give treat to yourself for nothing. And more importantly, when you do date someone, it won’t be because you need to fill some kind of void, because you can’t stand to just be alone with yourself.


When you are in a relationship, you always want it to keep it intact. To achieve that you have to take care of your partner’s emotions on top of yours and have to ignore your wishes. You always feel insure of losing your partner or hurting them. In fact many lovers spent s sleepless nights if something goes wrong in their relations. It’s not that being in a relation always hurts you emotionally but you do have to face ups and downs to keep your relationship working. Thus, if you are single then do enjoy your life to fullest. Specially, in this busy life when you talk to your better half, you look for support, care and understanding and in the absence of any of these elements, relationship starts getting bitter. Well, if you are one of those who believe in living life according to you, either find the most understand partner or live single and live life king size.

Yeah, we can all complain about dating, but let’s admit it: there is something thrilling about the promise and mystery of a first date. You get to find someone, go through the butterfly-inducing contact that leads up to your meeting. Being single affords you the freedom to take your time and learn what you like, through often-absurd trial and error.
There’s nothing to hold you back: flirt with who you want, when you want and where you want! No need to worry about accusing looks and speculation over your faithfulness, you’re completely free to say what you like! You could go out on a date with a different girl every night if you so desire.


Why is it that we always seem to forget about our friends when we get overwhelmed with a hot new relationship? Being single allows you to focus your full attention on the love you have with your friends. On being single you can spend days and nights enjoying or trying to figure things out together. On being single you hangout with your friends in the night “Night Out” without any worries, permission or any explanation.

Having a career, and everything that comes with it from managing your own money to having your own place to live is scary, and challenging but singles do accept that and move forward in their life. Knowing that we can rely entirely on ourselves, that we can make our careers and our work/life balance what we want them to be. When we’re alone, we can focus on building our lives secure both financially and professionally that ensures we will not need to rely on anyone else. No need to feel guilty about bringing your work home with you or working overtime. Taking the time, while we have it, to make our career dreams come true, is an investment that pays off the rest of our lives.


It’s yours! All yours! Do what you want with it! Spend it on what you like or hoard it under you mattress. Spend it on buying various attire or while on an exciting trip with your family or friends. No need buy expensive gifts or surprises for the other. Being in a relationship is expensive; one needs to buy various gifts for first anniversary, birthday, valentine and blah-blah events. Dinners out, mini vacations and gifts all add up to a significant amount of cash. Save this money towards something that betters you in the long run.

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