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6 paradoxes about Independent Women


When we go on a wide search for the number of independent female forte, the results are minutely acute. Yet, we firmly believe in the cause and these particular groups of women. They are often many misunderstandings lurking around them, and people tend to believe in such misconceptions. And deep down under, it’s a shame thing to admit. These notions are nothing but a complete imagination of inarticulate minds of the nation. They are independent and that doesn’t abide by your dictionary definitions. It is often said that, independent women disseminates these ideas of them through their external behaviours which are deceptively misinterpreted.
Here we talk about various paradoxes about such people:

Independent women have trust issues

The group we’re talking about often creates a certain zone around them and are often caught up saying that they’re self-dependent.  And if someone tries to help their way out in something, you would certainly be getting a punch or something of that sort let alone any thanks in order. (P.S. We’re just exaggerating a little bit) But if you’ve somehow broken the wall with time, and a part of their personal life are kept in secret with yours along with their vulnerabilities. And that certainly means, they would love some care and direction at time and again.  They’re not anti-social; they just like not to keep things in open.  And at certain moments, they also feel lost and unaided, and at that they need such shoulders to rest on. But surely, they’re not going to ask. As we told before, they are self-dependent right.


They aren’t intimidating

It might be many cases to count off, that might prove your point about her intimidating behaviour round the block. But rest assured, you need not to worry about that. Just let her loose some time, will ya? It’s just the exterior that independent women try to carry on with themselves that gives away these vibes about them as they’re the only one they have to be dependent on. Think of the times that she wanted someone just to talk with, but there was no-one to count upon, and she went to bed with no one to hold her. It’s just the way it works in this silly little world, accept and respect.


They are easily annoyed

Yes, they are. And there’s no point in arguing about it. Just imagine that they’re on their periods for a long, long period of time. We hope you got the feel, and we mean no offends. It’s just for sake of explanation. If you’re going to be nosey, trying to know everything about their lives – they’ll get annoyed for sure. It’s a certain itchy feeling to mention that happens when they are put in such situations. They just don’t believe in the idea of being answerable. Yet, if they tend to share things with you on a happy note, you’re not just another brick in the wall. Ask them anyway!


Although we try not to mention, but we are vulnerable

Independent women love to have a life of pride and they often hide under these walls of self-dependency, trying to pretend they’ve pretty much everything under control. Be it their job, social life, family or another random guess. But this is just sheer deception. They’re human too, and within these walls, there are always imperative conflicts, fears, fallacies, dreams that are often overlooked upon. The weaknesses are right there, just like every other being. They’re just good in pretending that they’re not. And that is a part of façade practice, which have come upon being constantly hurt at different phases of life. And they know the one rule to live upon, trust no one. Because there are always someone right there waiting for a peek of certain weaknesses to serve their own journey.


We do not lack a sense of affection

It is one common gullible belief that has been casted upon by the society for coming in terms about the group. And this belief believes that they have a good sense in burning bridges every now and then, as they’re pretty independent on their side. But that comes as only a single part of the story. The real thing is they believe in practicality – and if they’re burning any bridges it’s pretty sure they didn’t put any sweat pm constructing them. For example, social family prejudices. Some cousin you don’t know but have to be nice with – Cut the drama people, they aren’t gonna fall for that shit. This sinister status has nothing to give them in the first place, so why bother about it. While, if they’ve put their feeling and time in building the connection with a friend or spouse, it becomes a crucial emotion as they’re the part of circle they’re counting upon.  So it matters.


Independence is not a personality, but a state of mind

The one other rather famous misconception is that only the assertive ones that make their way on being heard can only be hard and comfortable enough to be in part of the system. This is no play for introverts, they say. And often it’s like they’ve created a stereotype for independent women which is often exerted as extroverts. But that ain’t true at face; it’s just a state of mind. Independence is a choice of life they adopt, not the personality they exert.


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