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6 Books You Must Read Before You Die


The old adage goes like this; books are a man’s best friend. They have the profound capacity to stay with us for our entire lives. They continue to influence our thinking and doing simultaneously. There are certain genre based books which tend to be directed to a particular group of audience only. The genre are various including kids, comics, adult stories, pure literature, scientific fiction, drama, comedy, thriller, action, science and I could go on like this for the time immemorial. I am a huge fan of reading and my best author is ayn rand. Her books have influenced my life’s decisions to a huge extent and likewise, I am sure many of you would be having their favorites too. You would find my list a tad traditional because of my taste but there collection is surely one treasure to get hold of.

1. Crime and punishment


Fyodor Dostoevsky has had a master piece in this one. He explains the myriad human emotions and the way they turn out in every individual. It has been a classic since ages and one simply cannot deny the significance of this novel. Though it is a heavy book and you will find it as a manual to some process industry but it is also an amazingly detailed work on the inner working of a human mind. It gives an intricate picture of the repercussions of a crime committed.

2. Life of pi


The movie was worth the credits it acclaimed. The book though is a better picture of what you want and what you need in life. This is the story of a young boy from India who is stranded in the midst of a sea with a tiger. When I watched the movie (do not commit the mistake of watching a movie prior to the novel) I was taken into thinking that this is just spiritual stuff and not my cup of tea. But what it is really about that one should believe in something-be it god, goodness, the world, the universe or just your being. The message I got only after reading the book by yann martel. He was not given the booker prize for nothing. The end message is that life is filled with possibilities, only if you let them knock your heart’s door. I went way too emotional. Eh?

3. Harry potter series


Do I need to introduce these sets of books which had us biting our nails till the last page? If J.K Rowling is not the next big thing among the kids and adults alike, then who is? Harry’s concern to overcome the dark wizard lord voldemort is something which we think of as a duty on our parts. Lord voldemort plans to become immortal, conquer the wizarding world, non-magical people (muggles, as they are most commonly known) and most of all harry potter. We must save the world and help harry in his conquest. Well, that was all I used to think while gulping down every word from the novel series. Go an buy the set if you have not acquainted yourself with this.

4. The fountainhead


Since I am not publicizing the ayn rand books, neither I am allowed to do so; I would stick with my favorite of all- the fountainhead. The book is voluminous, before beginning to read it; I had to think twice whether I would be able to finish it off. The book came more as an obligation to me but as I turned through the pages, I realized that I would be learning my life’s lessons. When an uncompromising, visionary architect struggles hard to maintain his integrity and individualism despite the growing peer pressure that confirms to the popular standards, people sit spellbound by this marvel. Undoubtedly, the book was rand’s first major literary success.

5. To kill a mocking bird


Terms like the great depression, racial inequality, gender differences, socialism draws yawns and nothing more. But there are certain books which change your prospective towards the boredom of social sciences. The story is set in Alabama during the depression, following the life of an 8 year old boy, a black man accused of rape and other mysterious characters. Its themes are quite serious including rape, gender roles and harper lee is well known to camouflage them with a tad of warmth and humor. There is a movie with the same name of equal acclaim.

6. Bhagavad Gita


The literary meaning of the title is the song of the god. It is basically a 700 verse scripture of the epic Mahabharata. It is set as a narrative dialogue between lord Krishna and one of the pandava brothers’ arjun. To attain liberation, it is important that you stop hesitating and fulfill your duties. The setting of the gita is on a battlefield amidst the death of thousands who fought in the battle between the kauravas and the pandavas. It is an allegory for the ethical and moral struggles of human life. In fact, many leaders have resorted to the gita as their sole inspiration of life. M.K. Gandhi called this book as his spiritual dictionary and considered taking his decisions only after complying with the teachings of the lord Krishna.

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