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6 Makeup Faux Pas You Don’t Want to Commit


Women LOVE makeup. Those who say they don’t are either liars or the ultra sporty ones who have no time to beautify themselves. Makeup is one of the best things that happened to the mankind. To the mankind, because it is not just the women who are enchanted by this little wonder. The men are gradually plunging into this whole concept of making yourself look good by using makeup. Whoever gave humans the advice to embrace their scars and be proud of them never heard of makeup. Women and men use makeup in their daily lives to cover up certain imperfections and look beautiful. And there’s no way you can’t let someone from stop looking beautiful. Now makeup is a crucial weapon. You need to use it to perfection in order to get the best output. People sometimes go overboard or just careless and commit huge makeup blunders that make them look rather stupid. Makeup requires years of practice and the right technique. You do not wanna look like someone painted on you. So here are makeup faux pas women tend to make really frequently.

1) Too much makeup

Starting with the basics, women tend to put on a lot of makeup than they should and end up looking hideous. We’re sorry, but we do not want to have a look at your extensive makeup collection, on your face, all at once and we’re not fond of weird looking aliens either. Putting on too much makeup makes you look downright tacky. An overly made up face is really unattractive to look at. You got to use makeup to enhance your beauty, not to put it on like it’s the last time you’re going to have access to all the makeup in the world and look terrifying. Too much makeup also blocks your skin pores and harm your skin. Follow the age old mantra of “less is more” and you’re sure to look fabulous.


2) Foundation lighter than your skin tone

This is one faux pas you just can’t commit. And if you do, you won’t be spared. Some people deliberately use foundation that is way lighter than their original skin color in an attempt to look fair. Lighter foundation will only make you look funny. Such makeup choices are just plain bizarre. The worst giveaway is when the difference in your foundation and your skin is easily visible, right at the end of your chin. Get rid of your obsession with fairer looking skin or use better methods to achieve fairer results. you’re supposed to blend in the foundation and not choose a totally different color making the difference prominent! Invest in a good foundation of your own skin tone and see your complexion improve instantly.


3) Painted on eyebrows

Very less people are blessed with perfect, dark, thick eyebrows. Those who sadly aren’t, resort to other methods. Having dark eyebrows instantly brightens up your face and makes you look more attractive and thank god for the huge range of eyebrow enhancing products available. But you do not want to over do your eyebrows like they belong to someone else and not your face. Heavily painted eyebrows look rather hideous. To be honest, they look ugly. Use a decent eyebrow pencil or eyebrow color gel but don’t just dye your eyebrows jet black. They should look like eyebrows and not like someone accidentally painted them onto your face. Always try keeping the look natural.


4) Wearing funny shades of eye shadows

A little experiment won’t hurt anyone but do not let the experiment go overboard. Doing up your eyes is one of the best makeup firsts, but you should be careful while choosing the color of your eye shadow. Keep the experimental streak controlled. You do not want to look like you’re straight out of a box of crayons. Avoid colors like orange, yellow and bright green while looking for an eye shadow. Stick to the basics unless the occasion demands for an outrageous burst of color around and above the eyes. If you’re a fan of lip color then choose really neutral shades of eye shadow so that you can make up for the color in your lips.


5) Darker lip liner with light lip color

This one is so 1990s. Lip liner is supposed to make your lips look fuller and plump. Never ever wear a lip liner that’s darker than your lipstick. It is a huge turn off. ¬†You do not want your lip line to look like a mustache. Your lip line must compliment your lip color making them look bigger and prettier by keeping your lipstick in place. Never commit this one makeup faux pas.

Define lips with lip liner to stop lipstick bleeding 19/6/13

6) Trying to pull off a spider eyelash

We get it. You’re fond of mascara. You don’t have to keep putting on mascara to make your eyelashes uncomfortably thick. Taking off mascara is one hell of a task, so you need to be really careful while putting it on. Too much mascara will only make your eyes look really clumpy. Let the mascara dry and put another layer if you feel the need. Make sure you don’t load your eyelashes with oodles of mascara.


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