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6 Habits that might be ageing you


As the phrase goes, time stops for no-one. We all know this fact and also we rightly consider ageing as a part of life. But it is also true that no one wants to look their age or it would be safe to say that, older than they actually are. It might be the reason you quit smoking and started jogging at 6 in the morning, but there are also some little habits that contribute very well to age you. So, if you’re the one to feel fatigued at the middle of a traffic jam or had noticed some unfamiliar lines on your face this morning. Well, this would be time to take some action to turn back the clock.

These habits might look very little and harmless but are lethal in the long run for your face. Here we mention some of these habits that might be well sabotaging your young pretty face.

Insomniac behavior

Now is the time to break the ice for you; you don’t have an insomnia- you are just a teenager with an internet connection. The reasons might differ for some, but it is one of the sole reasons for ageing before age. Sleep deprivation causes dark circles, bags and make the eyes look droopy and tired. This makes the person look unhealthy and at times causes high blood pressure, weight gain and yes, makes you look older. It’s not possible to get perfect 8 hours sleep daily each night, but 6 hours are a must. And this should be your top priority, whatever your work is.

20110926101523 (1)

Irregular exercise plan

When was the last time you hit the gym for a workout? It’s both good and bad if your answer is going to be last month. Seldom gym visits for some weight gain might look plausible to you but it is sabotaging a greater health deal. Studies and research show that regular training activity in gym reduces age-related complications there by increasing your skin longevity. It will help in lowering the levels of cortisol thereby increasing beneficial hormones. Also being an active gym activist will help reduce chances of brain fog, and other health issues like diabetes and inflammation. If you’re unable to hit the gym choose any of the stretching exercises like walking, cycling etc. Make a daily habit out of it to make sure your skin doesn’t age fast.


Too much stress

Stress doesn’t solve anything. It just adds piles of troubles on the desk. Whatever the reasons might be, family issues, work issues, love propaganda- let the bygones be bygones. And these are not the words coming out of a regular psychiatrist to lower your stress levels, there are many biological reasons affecting your body as you step up in being stressed out. Too much stress directly affects the immunity by increasing the levels of cortisol and norepinephrine in the blood, thereby pumping the blood pressure high. It has long term effects and one of them happens out to be ageing- something you want to run away from. For a remedy, take a deep breath and try to manage stress to keep living a healthy and meaningful life.


Improper eating habits

A healthy diet makes a healthy body. And healthy body means glow in the face. If you keep dumping junk and street food into your diet every now and then, than it might be very well for you to forget your age, as it would be going to boost up extra fast. The levels of sodium and cholesterol in these food items are the sufficient enough to age you well before age. Plus, you get an extra chance of getting cardiovascular diseases or diabetes in the later ages of your adulthood.

It’s highly recommendable to add fruits and veggies full of antioxidants in order to prevent this life-crisis. They have powerful free radicals that help in repairing the skin cells and make you look young. But they need to be replenished, so the diet needs to be taken on a daily basis if you want to have good results.


 You drink water only when thirsty

NO. You shouldn’t be doing that; it’s an incorrigible act that very well adds up to ageing you hard. Water is the key to a fresh looking skin. The skin moisture needs to be maintained and for that, water levels of the body need to be in check. As that would only provide essential nutrients to the skin reducing chances of skin dryness, tightness and other attributes that makes you look older. So drink as much water as you can, and try to add food with high water content in your diet. That would be the secret of a younger and youthful skin.

Woman Drinking Glass of Water

Abstaining from intimacy

First of all, there should be no mentioning of this point in the first place. What could be the possible reason that you would abstain from it. Whatever it might be, it will be very well affecting your skin. Intimacy is wondrous creation not only for ecstasy but also for your health. An active intimacy within a person’s lifestyle increases immunity and reduces any chances of cancer, and heart disease. Plus, it makes you look younger. Not your age, but younger. So you know well what you need to do.

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