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7 great benefits of ‘Multani Mitti’


Multani mitti or fuller’s earth is a lot more than just being a mud. This clayey substance possesses potential to heal many skin problems and it has been in use since time immemorial. Multani mitti used to be an essential ingredient of beauty regime of royal queens. Its exceptionally well soothing properties makes it a must apply in summer season. It is like a ‘one stop solution’ for people with oily skin. It cleanses skin effectively, kills all the problem creating bacteria, add glow to skin and keeps oil in control.

multani mitti

Here are the top best benefits of this great fuller’s earth:

1 Say good bye to that oily shine on your face

Yes, you do wash your face twice in a day with a good face wash meant to control oil. You keep rinsing with water if needed. Go for that weekly face masks but still oil tends to cover up your face especially the area around nose within a few hours. This shine is definitely a turn off one. Go for Multani mitti pack once in a week. Make a paste of Multani mitti and rose water, apply it evenly on face and neck and leave for 20 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water. Multani mitti is a wonderful oil absorbent and that’s why mud packs (of Multani mitti) are a must do for oily skinned people.

fuller's earth pack

2 Deep Cleanses Effectively

A face wash alone cannot do the job of cleansing completely. Face masks and scrubs should be added in our cleansing regime to aid face wash in their jobs. A Multani mitti pack removes all impurities, let the skin breathe by cleansing pores, and prevents their further blocking, removes dead cells and if used as a scrub, removes white heads and black heads completely. Its regular use helps people having oily to normal skin get a healthy and spot-free skin. On the top of this, it improves texture and brings a natural glow.


3 A wonderful acne and pimple fighting agent

Acnes and pimples are a nightmare to many especially to teenagers. Not only this cures acne and pimples, it also prevents their happening in future and even clears their marks later. Since Multani mitti is quite rich in MgCl2 therefore it can reduce acne remarkably. It has the potential to remove blemishes and pimples to a great extent as well. A fine paste of Multani mitti and few neem leaves applied for 15 minutes will do the trick. Being a great antiseptic, it cures all skin problems effectively. To fight blemishes, a paste of Multani mitti, turmeric, sandalwood powder and tomato juice works best. Apply for 10 minutes only in a week and keep using for several weeks to see the effect.

multani mitti cleanser

4 A potential tan removal

This mud from Multan is rich in many beauty benefits and this one is one of the biggest. A paste of Multani mitti and coconut water with a pinch of sugar is one of the best ways of using Multani mitti to get rid of tan. Other than this, a paste of Multani mitti and water or Multani mitti and rose water can be applied all over the face, neck and arms to get a soothing effect and relief from sunburns. It also breaks up tan side by side.

5 As a natural Scrub

One can say goodbye to blackheads and whiteheads forever by using Multani mitti scrub on a regular basis. Take some grinded cashews; add a spoon of Multani mitti and few drops of honey to it. Pre-soak cashews in milk overnight. Use this once or twice every week depending on your condition.


6 An effective skin lightening agent

Pre soak Multani mitti for few minutes. Add turmeric powder and pinch of saffron powder. Mix this paste well. Apply it for 20-25 minutes and wash this with lukewarm water. This brings a fairness and glow in one’s complexion.

An alternative paste of Multani mitti, besan and turmeric powder in 3:2:1 ratio can also be used. It also works well in getting a fair and healthy skin.


7 As a natural toner

Multani mitti face pack when mixed and applied with essential oils like olive oil tones the skin and brings softness and suppleness. One can also use a paste of Multani mitti and curd to get a tonned skin.

Precaution: No wonder the benefits of using Multani mitti are many and people often feel like using it regularly listening to its numerous skin friendly properties. However, people with dry skin should avoid it at all cost since Multani mitti can dry their skin further and worsen their condition. Its amazing oil absorbing properties is like a curse on dry skin.

The biggest advantage of using Fuller’s earth is that one can use it whenever they want at their home only. There is no need of rushing to a parlour to get this face pack done. Use it regularly especially during summers to get a healthy, glowing and clear skin.

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