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6 gifting ideas for this Raksha Bandhan


The inseparable bond of siblings is one of the world’s best. Its so because your siblings are your first ‘best friends’. You share a room with your sister or your brother for the first time. They teach you not only the virtue of love but also that of care. On a lighter side, you learn to sharpen your fighting skills in the presence of your siblings. Such is the great bond of siblinghood.


Raksha Bandhan is one of the most awaited festivals in India. It’s one of those few, which celebrate the very distinct relationship of a brother and sister. Traditionally its importance lies in the brother promising the sister that he would always be there to protect her in return of her Rakhi. However, the believers of modern values of equality have chosen to take it the other way. This way or that, Rakshabandhan will always have a place in all our hearts as one of the most lovely festivals. With Rakhi being so near, here are some tips on how you can make your sister smile this Raksha Bandhan –


 A trip with friends


If your sister is old enough to travel by herself you can chose to gift her a trip to an exotic place depending on her taste. Surprise her by planning this gift with her besties and you are sure to get the widest smile she would have had ever. If she has never gone on a trip by herself and was planning one in the recent future, there’s nothing better than this gift. But, make sure that you make all the arrangements and take care of her and her friends’ security. No compromise with that. What’s more you can plan a special surprise there also by sending her a dress she wanted for a long time or some book she is waiting to be launched.


A portable hard disk full of…


If your sister likes watching movies and is into shows, then you can gift her a portable or an external hard disk with all the movies and daily soaps she was talking about watching in recent future. However, do this only if you know that she is mature enough to not waste her time only on these. If it’s the other way round then its wise to think of any other gifting idea. Otherwise, you would end yelling at her for hurting her eyes all day long.


Take her to the best restaurant in the city


All no matter how figure-freak they are loves delicious food. And if its being served in one of the most expensive and exotic hotels of the city, there’s nothing more to be asked for. Remember that this is the only time you are possibly taking her to that restaurant and be generous. Do not keep saying, “that’s too expensive” and “its better to keep the bill less”. Take her to the restaurant and ask her to order whatever she likes. After all its your sister and spending a few grands for her shouldn’t be that difficult.


Plan a surprise for her with her best friends


If due to the problem of schedule you are not able to plan a trip for her with her best friends then just do it in your own town or city. Plan a big surprise for her with her friends. This can be at a restaurant she was thinking of going to but was unable to because of its high prices or at a more natural location of a beach or a riverside [assuming you live in such a city]. This will not only bring a big smile on her face, she will probably remember that for all of her life.


Write a poem for her


This is a very selective gift. If you are even a bit of a writer, you will do great and if you suck at writing, you should consider the 4 above. You can write a poem for her, which depicts all your love for her and also her importance in your life. You can present it in a creative manner, for example with the help of a short clip made of some childhood videos and photographs.


Plan a treasure hunt


Get a precious gift for her and make it even more precious by planting it at the end of a treasure hunt as the ‘treasure’. Set up a simple yet entertaining treasure hunt involving more of wisdom questions rather than factual ones. Make sure to involve all the people in your house with this gift otherwise one might unknowingly remove one of your clues from a place. You can let her roam around the house curiously while you watch her having fun. This will be one of the most distinct gifts ever.


Raksha Bandhan is a festival of joy and you need to work a bit in order to make sure that your sister enjoys it as much as she deserves. Make her feel special and avoid giving only cash gift to her. Do remember to have fun yourselves because only then it will be complete. Apply these ideas and who knows, this might be the best Raksha Bandhan you have celebrated ever.

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