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6 games which can enhance your mental ability


Games are considered to be the most common time pass among people. Games are classified in two different categories indoors and outdoors games. The outdoor games are not just a time pass because they help you in maintaining your health. If you regularly play outdoor games then you will remain fit. Indoor games are considered to be a complete time pass. But this perception is wrong, indoor games are not just time pass. Some indoor games can help you in enhancing your mental ability and will make you smart. So here we have the list of some games which will help you in sharpening your mind. Such games are quite beneficial for kids. These games help kids in reaching a new level of intelligence

1. Sudoku

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Sudoku is a game which comprises of numbers. Your brain workout when you play this game. This game is also called number place. In this game number are arranged in to a 9X9 square. The arrangement of numbers is quite logical. The numbers are arranged in such a way that no single row or column have two similar numbers. Numbers from 1 to 9 are required to be arranged in this grid. Whenever you take a Sudoku puzzle, you will find that the puzzle is filled partially. And you have to complete the grid with the help of those partially filled numbers. This game is very popular and it will definitely help you in enhancing your mental ability.

2. 2048


2048 is a very popular game which is developed in March 2014. The game is invented by a 19 year old web developer named Gabriele Cirulli. The game is about sliding numbered tiles and combining the tiles which have same number. The game is named as 2048 because this is the target number which you have to achieve by combining many tiles. The value of smallest number in this game is two. In this game a 16 tiles are given and you have to make 2048 using those 16 tiles. When you will use all the tiles then the game will get over. So without getting out of 16 tiles you have to make 2048. The game is quite refreshing and will help in awakening your sleepy mind. Additionally this game is not very heavy so you can easily install this game in your android phones or laptops

3. Quiz up


Quiz up is a very interesting game. The game will help you in becoming an all rounder. Quiz up has around 400 categories like music topic, science, geography, television shows, movies mathematics and many more. You can choose any of the categories according to your interest. When you will choose the category, a small quiz will be given to you. The best part about this game is that you play your quiz against random people. You can play it with anyone. The game has an option for searching an opponent. The scores are dependent on your speed and accuracy. This game is quite user friendly. And you can easily install this game in your smart phones and laptops.

4. Ruzzle


This is a very interesting game which will help in improving your vocabulary, speed and efficiency. It is a puzzle game in which you are provided with a 4X4 grid of tiles. Each tile has an alphabet labelled on it. Using all the alphabets, you have to make different words. You can use any number of alphabets at a time. You just need to swipe your finger around the tiles to make the corresponding word.  The best part about this game is that after you time finishes, the application shows all the words which were hidden in the particular grid. So if you really want to improve your vocabulary then install this game. there is one more game which is similar to ruzzle. The game is named as wordament. The best thing about wordament is that it shows all the possible combinations of the words in the grid which was given.


5.  Chess


Chess is a very common game and almost every one of us is aware of this game. This is a two player game which is played on a chessboard. The chess board has 64 black and white squares which are arranges in a grid of 8X8. Each player has 16 pieces with him- one king, one queen, two bishops, two rooks, two knights, and eight pawns. Each of the pieces has different style of playing. They move according to a fix pattern.

6. Snooker



Snooker is a very interesting game. This game is not just played by children but is also loved by elders. This is a professional game which needs a correct combination of concentration and direction. The game is basically played on the table and the table is covered with a cloth which is green in colour.  All the four corners of the tables have a hole in it. There is white ball which is stroked with a stick called cues.  The game consist a total of 22 balls- 4 brown, 3 green,  2 yellow, 5 blue, 7 black , 15 red, one white and 6 pink. All the red balls are placed in the center of the table in a triangular form. The game was invented in 19th century and world snooker association is the highest governing body.

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