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6 Easy Ways to Go Green


We probably feel strongly about environment conservation but we need to ask ourselves this question, what have we really done to conserve environment? We can go on and on about more eco-friendly ways to minimize the depletion of our natural resources in our daily lives but most of them are either expensive, too fancy or require a great deal of conviction and dedication. Going green doesn’t always have to be expensive. It can be easy and hassle free. We can achieve a greener environment just by changing some of our old habits and we’ll find ourselves walking towards the greener pastures. There are a large number of inexpensive and sorted ways to minimize the waste that we produce daily and the rate of exhaustion of the resources that are limited. Here are some ways to switch to a greener lifestyle, so easy that even your kids would adapt to them in a jiffy.


1) Water your plants in the morning or evening

The number of time we tend to water our plants to ensure their growth, without giving a thought to their ability to absorb and the sun’s abilities to soak it up, is too damn high. If you recklessly water plants in broad daytime when the sun is up and how, then you need to stop. Watering plants during the day is almost equal to wasting water because most of it gets evaporated due to the sun’s immense heat. Watering during the evening or at cooler hours is beneficial because the water will be allowed to penetrate deeper into the pots and that will maintain the moisture, ensuring proper growth.


2) Use natural beauty products

Research shows that the average women uses upto 515 chemicals in undergoing her daily makeup routine. These toxic chemicals not only degrade your skin’s life but also poses as threat to the environment in the form of¬†pharmaceuticals and personal care products as pollutants. To keep these chemicals at bay and maintain a healthy skin as well as a healthy environment, switch to hundred percent natural makeup products that naturally improve the quality of your skin, making it healthy from inside and not just work on prettifying it on the outside. These herbal makeup products are easily available and are not even that expensive. Think of it as doing your bit towards bettering the environment and opting for a greener lifestyle.


3) Switch to greener cleaners

Spending money on antibacterial disinfecting soaps and liquid cleaners is just so passe. These cleaners contain chemicals that are extremely harmful and are linked with complicating thyroid, polluting the water and many more such dangers. White vinegar is an effective natural cleaning agent and can be used as a more feasible eco-friendly alternative than those dangerous store brought chemicals. Mixing one part vinegar with nine parts water would give you your very own, cost effective cleaning agent. Baking soda also cleans, deodorizes and softens fabric. Lemon is also one of the strongest cleaning agents that immediately shines and brightens the surfaces. Try these eco-friendly methods at home and get rid of the unnecessary chemicals you have stacked up in your cupboards.


4) Opt for organic fertilizers

Plants obviously require nutrients to grow just like the human body. Now these fertilizers are easily available in the stores everywhere and are loaded with major chemicals which fasten the growth process and give good results immediately. But they don’t let the plants grow at their own pace and this whole process damages and dries up the plant before it’s due time. Using organic fertilizer also known as manure, is child’s play. Collect all the peels and organic leftovers of the fruits and vegetables that you consume during the day and dip them in half a bucket of water. Keep them like that and once you see the color draining out, remove the peels from the water and use the same water to water your plants during the day. This is not only a great way to enhance growth naturally but also a safer, more natural way of gardening.


5) Ditch that plastic

Plastic bags are in all sense, a nuisance. Plastic bags are a major threat to the environment because of being non biodegradable. Burning plastic produces fumes that deplete the ozone layer to a great extent. Switch to re-usable cloth bags that lasts for months and are inexpensive. Plastic might be really convenient but the amount of pollution it causes, it should be banned all over the world. Keep these durable cloth bags everywhere. At home, in your car so that you don’t have to pay for them every time you make a run to the store. It will become a habit sooner than you’ll know and you’ll be doing your bit towards conserving nature.


6) Natural air fresheners

Nobody likes unpleasant smells in their house. Using chemical air fresheners degrade the air quality and are chemically too strong for the human body to bear. Switch to beeswax candles that have natural oils in them to scent up your house. Put lemon wedges and clove in a bowl of water, keep them for 3-4 hours and when the water smells good enough, store them in spray bottles and get rid of those nasty smells the natural way!


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