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6 different types of cousins


Indian families are quite famous throughout the world. The Indian families are known for their love and bonding in the relationships. An Indian family is a family where many family members live together happily. Indian people have not adopted the concept of nuclear family. Indian people believe in living together because nothing is better than being together in any situation. The most interesting members of your family are your cousins. They are considered to be the most interesting because their nature is quite different from each other. In every families there are some cousin’s who are everyone’s favourite ones and there may be some who are not liked by anyone at all. The best thing about cousins is that they can fill up the place of their cousin’s friends. They can play dual role for their family. They can be both your best friend and you cousins.  To know more about the types of cousins, read this article.

1.The Goofball Cousin


Now Indian families consist of different types of cousins. One of them is Goofball Cousins. They are basically known as the entertainment piece of the family. Whenever families have a get-together or any other occasions then these cousins comes up with some very noisy and funny jokes which brings smile on every family members face. Their main aim is to any how make the whole family laugh together. For more fun they can even crack jokes on themselves without thinking of their self-respect. Every family loves to have such a kind of person. When the family is having such type of persons then they definitely do not need to hire any comedian or clown for adding some fun to their functions. Along with that in the family’s bad times too, these cousins play a vital role in lightening up the sad environment surrounding the family. On great appraisal and definite family’s attention, they continue to work hard as a jester for the family.

2.The Over Achieving Cousin


Now every family do have at least one topper or you can say an all-rounder cousin. These cousins are mostly hated by their brothers and sisters. This is because parents keep on comparing the spoilt or not so intelligent cousin with these all-rounder cousins. And this all time comparison becomes havoc for the rest of the cousins since they have to listen long lectures from their elders because of their all-rounder cousin’s great achievement like having 3-4 degrees, got scholarship, read and write books in spite of watching movies and shows. Moreover on the day of result the other cousin have to hear this “kuch seekho tumhari behen se” at least 10 – 20 times. But at the end these cousins became very helpful when they work for a high paying job   and contributes some money to you as your pocket expense.

3.The Playboy

play boy

Now all kinds of families whether it is strictly traditional family, middle class family or it is a high five family, every family has that one character who is very naughty, rule breaking and care-free one.  Everyone loves that character, but still they want to change that character as per the family needs. They put restrictions and limits on that cousin but he just avoids of all those margins and lives his life the way he wants. You can say that these cousins are very loud and are basically considered as the milestone of the family. This cousin loves taking challenges and never compromises with his needs. He takes everything in a very easy way. Words like tensions, Stress and boredom does not even exist in their dictionary.

4.The Responsible One


Now this cousin is every family’s requirement. Everyone needs to have at least one such cousin or else everything in the family will be upside down. These cousins play a very important role in completing the task given by elders with great efforts and sincerity. These cousins hold great amount of tribute feeling for their family members and cannot see them facing hardships. So to lessen the workload of their elders, he takes some work on his shoulders and finishes it without any errors and mistakes. He always tries to makes his parents feel proud on him.

5.The Terrible Twosome


Having fun is everyone’s right. But having a loud kind of fun is not always allowed. There is a phrase in hindi “ek or ek gyaraah” so when a child gets rebuked by his elders for his ultimate fun then he gets paired up with his another cousin and then they do all stupid, funny and creepy things which they wants to do without any one’s fear. This is because it is easy to handle one but it gets impossible to handle two fun loving wild children together. If they are separated then anyone can make them do anything like an innocent lamb but once they are together they become unstoppable like plucky lions and do what they like to do.

6.The Shy cousin


These types of cousins are not very famous in the family. This is because they always try to hide themselves from other relatives. And even if they come out of their rooms for a functions or something, they won’t utter a single word in front of others. There are two types of cousins, one is who does not shy in front of his close or near ones and second is the one who feels shy even in front his parents.

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