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6 Best Dan Brown Books


Dan Brown is a very famous author. He writes fictional novels and his novels are quite famous throughout the world. His novels have been translated into more than 52 languages. He always writes on very unique themes like ancient history and Christianity. If you love to read fiction then Dan brown is the best author which can match up with your taste. Dan Brown has also written two humorous novels. He has written those humorous novels along with his wife. The names of those two novels are 187 Men to Avoid and The Bald Book. So here we have the list of best novel written by Dan Brown

1. The Da Vinci Code

da vinci code

The Da Vinci code is a mystery novel which was published in year 2003. The book revolves around the fact that whether Jesus Christ had a family or not. The main character of the book is a symbologist named Robert Langdon. A Cryptologist named Sophie Neveu Helped Robert in his investigation. The secret of Jesus Christ’s marriage is hidden in a cylindrical box which can only be opened with the help of a specific code. Robert Langdon succeeds to open the box through the code.

2. Angeles & Demons

angeles and demons

Angeles & Demons is a mystery novel which was published in 2000. This novel is published by Pocket Books. The main character of this book is named as Robert Langdon. Robert tries to save the Vatican City from Illuminatis. The novel depicts all the ancient procedures of Catholic Church. The ancient history, symbols, and traditions are also finely explained in this book. An element of scientific fiction is also added to the story. A nuclear weapon is described in the book which is very powerful and can destroy the whole city. The nuclear weapon has a timer of 24 hours and after its timer expires, it will bombard. Because of this timer Robert tries to solve the mystery within 24 hours. In the end he succeeds in finding the nuclear weapon and saves the city.

3. The Lost Symbols


The lost symbol is a novel which is a correct mix of crime, thrill, and mystery. This novel was published in 2009. The name of the lead character in this novel is Robert Langdon. Robert gets an invitation by his mentor to the university for a lecture. In the mean while Robert realises that the invitation is not form his mentor rather the invitation is from his mentor’s kidnapper. The kidnapper then instructs Langdon to find Mason’s Pyramid which is hidden somewhere in Washington D.C.

4. Digital Fortress

digital fortress

Digital Fortress is a science fiction which was published in 1998. The story of the novel starts in United States National Security Agency, when one of the supercomputer in this agency encounters a different and complex code. The code was so complex that the super computer fails to break the code. The lead character named Susan Fletcher is the head cryptographer in this agency. When the supercomputer fails to break the code, the commander named Strathmore handovers the job of breaking the code to Susan. While working on the code Susan finds that the code is written by one of the employees working in the Agency.

5. Deception point


Deception point is a technical thrill novel. The novel revolves round a girl named Rachel, who is an intelligence analyst in National Reconnaissance office. Her father named Senator Sedgewick is a very popular candidate for the position of president. The president named Zachary Herney sets up a meeting with Rachel and sends her to verify the fact which NASA has discovered. The book covers the journey of Rachael with many other people. At the end Rachael discovers that the fact of extraterrestrial life which NASA has claimed is not true.

6. Inferno


Inferno is a fact fiction which was published in 2013. The book is full of Mystery, conspiracy and Thrill. It is the story of Robert Langdon who is a professor in Harvard University. One day Robert Langdon wakes up and finds himself in a hospital. He has a severe wound in his head. Apart from his head injury, he is suffering from hallucinations. A nurse in the hospital named Sienna helps Robert in handling his hallucinations. Robert Langdon tries to solve the mystery behind his hallucinations and his injury. After some time he observes that many people including the police are following him and all of them wants to kill him. This observation makes him more curious to know the reality. Somehow Robert managed to escape all the problems and tries to find the secret of Botticelli’s Map of hell. Moving on Robert further finds some clue in the Map of hell. He finds some letters which when arranged forms a word-CERCA TROVA. Robert recognises the word formed as he has seen this word on a painting named The Battle of Marciano. Robert along with Sienna moves to the location of the painting. After reaching the location he tries to figure out the secret which is hidden in the painting. After sometime Robert gets captured by a group of men who belong to Elizabeth. Elizabeth is the director general in world health organisation. She explains the whole scenario to Robert. She tells Robert that a famous biologist named Zobrist had developed a plague which can kill millions of people. She asks Robert to help her in finding the plague.

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