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6 Benefits of Having a Hobby


HOBBIES, we all should have one.

Hobbies can include collecting themed items and objects, engaging in creative and artistic pursuits, playing sports, or pursuing other amusements. By continually participating in a particular hobby, one can acquire substantial skill and knowledge in that area. Hobby is something that a person develops from childhood more specifically during primary school to late life. We can never predict when we develop interests in new things and have a likeness towards it. Hobby can be both Indoor and Outdoor activities. A hobby is defined as:

‘a regular activity that is done for enjoyment, typically during one’s leisure time. ‘

In todays busy life style our daily schedule gets full very fast. We seldom forget to give our selves a time out for hobbies. Indulging in a hobby is actually good for a sound and well balanced health.We all need a time of leisure for ourselves and that particular time is when we like to do something that gives us immense happiness i.e. All by ourselves!

6 Benefits of having a Hobby

1) Happiness and Enjoyment

Hobby is something that you really enjoy doing thats why people love to have their hobbies. People nowadays have so many hobbies and its not necessary to have only one hobby, its our personal choice! Happiness is something we all humans seek for and it can be in any shape or form. Every person has a hobby or activity that they love. Depending on you it could be anything such as Travel, Hiking, River rafting, etc. These all are adventurous hobbies and tend to be outdoors but other people may prefer to stay indoors and they will have hobbies such as collecting Books, shells, coins, postcards, writing or reading. Hobbies give  you a sense of happiness no matter your age, be it a 5 year old playing with lego or a 50 year searching the night sky for a new star. Your never too young or old to enjoy a hobby

2) Get To Explore Yourself

Exploring yourself at which you are good at is also the great thing of a having a hobby. Many times a hobby leads to expanding and improving our capabilities, Such as Singing, Dancing when free, Teaching kids during free time (not as a profession), etc. It helps us to discover our potential and know how much good are we at. Playing the piano, writing poems, making scrapbooks, creating collage, photography, sand art, etc all are just some of the most common hobbies. Even planting flowers and general gardening is a hobby i.e. indulging in gardening helps us to explore our skills, increase knowledge and develop love for nature.

3) Hobby gives you a Break

Hobby gives us a break from our daily, tedious routine. A person can always make time for his/her hobby since it gives them a break and a mental happiness in doing that activity, Older people tend to like reading newspapers, listening to classic older songs or keeping a collection of classic music. Many also like meditating or sitting quietly for a short time for, which gives them a sense of peace. Some enjoy cooking and really get into adding new ingredients just to see how it would taste. It has been noted that hobbies help us to forget tension and makes us feel more at ease. Hobby can never be tiring or boring, every individual has his/her personal choices, likes and dislikes so hobbies differ and helps us to take out time from our busy live and enjoy that particular activity!

4) Profession

Well, yes how can we forget this point. These days people are taking up their hobbies as their profession. Hobbies help us to increase our knowledge and experience  and more people have actually started entering professions which first started off as a hobby for them. One example of ‘hobby in to career’ is Event Organising. If a person had a hobby which happened to be helped friends and family to setup parties and events, they tend to starting their own business.  Other examples include, in India many women who love to cook have started their Tiffin System business. Many who love singing and took classes enter competitions to make a career. Social work is a also a hobby of many people and helping others provides stability and support to them. People are more inclined to make their own choices and have a profession according to their likes and interests. A ‘hobby as a career’ is a dream for some but if you are lucky enough to be able to achieve this congratulations. Fashion designers or any designer, all have a hobby in creating something new and designing different pieceworks and this hobby makes them to choose  a designing based career. Even photography is a hobby which most teenagers and youth do with out thinking about it as a hobby or career, selfies, scenery images from holidays, many take superb photos and then they start to think of it as hobby or it just grows into one.

5) Increases Interests

Hobbies can always leads to increase our interests in that particular subject or activity, which can lead on to other related subjects. Such as starting with cooking but then learning about nutrition. It can also be anything and if a person is obsessed with that hobby he/she would love to learn more and more. Thus the just another example of having hobbies which increases our knowledge and skills.

6) Personal Talent Hunt

Well as stated earlier, hobbies can lead you to explore your personal hidden skills and talent, which can help you to increase that hobby skill more. Talent is in every person it just depends on how we discover it and find out what we are good at. Some people are gifted while some need to spend time and learn and develop, keeping interesting hobbies can actually help you to find out your hidden talents such as Acting, Dancing, Singing, Painting, Literary work, Poem writing, Calligraphy, etc..

All these are hobbies which a person can actually figure out how talented he/she is, if shown in front of others and if the person receives good compliments and shows a natural ability, then you are known to be Talented!  Everyone is talented at something or another it just sometimes take time to find it. But once you do and you take it up as a hobby it will be a part of you for life, helping you feel at peace and relaxed. Remember a hobby should not stress you out and make you feel down. It is there to help you.

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