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6 Benefits of coconut water


Coconut water is not only good in taste but it also has many benefits. Coconut water is usually devoted to god like Lord Hanuman, Lord Rama etc. and since it is considered to be one of the favorite fruit of lords then for sure coconut contains some extraordinary benefits. Coconut is considered to be the ultimate thirst quencher. In many regions coconut water is used as an alternative of water. Well coconut nut water is not ordinary water; it is extraordinary water which is enriched with high quality vitamins and minerals. And because of its unique health benefits it has gained so much importance among drinking stuffs. You can get coconuts from the markets very easily but it is not easy to break coconuts from the coconuts tree. This is because coconut trees are very large trees and it is not easy to climb on those trees. With great efforts coconut sellers break coconut from the coconut tree.

1. Weight loss


Now coconuts are enriched with some unique qualities. For example if you are going to consume coconut water from two fresh coconuts then it will make you feel full. In simple words coconut decreases your hunger strength and makes you feel energetic. And since it decreases your hunger strength therefore the coconut water can become your best partner in dieting which helps in reducing your diet. Coconut water also contains fat but those fats are termed as good fats and their quantity in coconut water is also low. Therefore coconut water is proved to be very good for those people who die heartedly wants to keep them fit, healthy and slim. You can go for coconut water whenever you want to without any fear of getting fat. Other drinks usually contain a high amount of fats which is not good for health (if consumed more).

2. Gorgeous skin

skin beauty

The problem of acne, blemishes and uneven toned skin are very common problems among individuals. Consumption of coconut water can do great wonders. Coconut water is enriched with high good quality of nutrients and vitamins. When you consume coconut water then you are directly providing some important nutrients to your body and your skin. Coconut water helps in reducing your uneven skin tone problem. Not only this if you are tensed about the acne problem on your skin then without any doubt you can go for coconut water. Regular consumption of coconut water will helps in reducing your acne growing on your skin. It will also help in reducing the stubborn marks of your face.

3. Improves your digestion system


All those people who face problems in their digestive system should prefer coconut water. Well coconut water can be consumed for its taste but if it is consumed for digestive purpose then it works fabulously. Coconut water contains high quantity of fiber and so it improves your digestive system. Good quality of fiber helps in reducing the problem of indigestion and not only this it reduces the problem of acid reflux too. Acid reflux can provide high amount of damages to your body but coconut water can become a great remedy for prevention of such problem.

4. Hydrates your body

water water

Coconut helps in hydrating your body. It reduces the problems of dehydration. If you consume good amount of coconut water regularly then you are providing your body, minerals enriched water which will not only boost up your energy level but it also helps in regaining your stamina at a faster rate. For sports persons and athletes, coconut water is proved to be really beneficial because it helps in maintaining their energy level for long hours. It also helps in cooling down your body temperature. When you do work outs then you perspire and so you lose some very important minerals fluid present in your body. Sooner you lose the required water level of your body which makes you feel hot. On consumption of coconut water, your energy level gets increased and so it will cool down your temperature too. It also contains high amount of magnesium which works in the same way your energy drinks do.

5. Maintain blood pressure rate

blood pressure rate

Even if you are not a blood pressure patient then too sometimes you can face the problem of high or low blood pressure rates. Your blood pressure rate can increase because of the presence of electrolytes in disproportionate manner. Coconut water contains proportionate amount of each elements present in it. And because of this quality of coconut water, it can be used as a balancing remedy.   In fact many doctors prescribe coconut water to blood pressure patients so that they can balance their body pressure without consumption of heavy medicines. You should drink coconut water in the morning with your breakfast because it will help in balancing your whole routine.

6. Five essential electrolytes


You mostly prefer those drinks which contains good quality and high quantity of nutrients. Now the energy drinks which are available in the market do contain nutrients but they are filled with artificially created nutrients. So in spite of consuming artificial nutrients, you should go for those natural drinks which not only provides you natural good quality nutrients but also helps in providing you all five important nutrients. There are main five electrolytes which are very essential for your body. They are calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and sodium. And since coconut water is enriched with all such electrolytes then without any fear coconut water can be drink by any individual at place of their health drinks. Young, elder, patients, soldier, sportspersons anyone can enjoy this drink anytime anywhere.


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