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6 Beauty Myths : Busted


There’s a lot of conjecture about things one can do to make themselves look better. There’s a whole lot of pseudo-information that people tend to take very seriously without realizing the amount of truth it holds. They read it somewhere and they try it out and sometimes they don’t even get the results they had hoped for. Self-proclaimed beauty experts who know little about such issues are usually the ones that encourage people to do something and it’s only later that people realize it is something they shouldn’t have attempted to do in the first place. Do no attempt anything before you are sure it’s going to work in your favor. Giving into such myths and attempting them without prior knowledge can also deteriorate what you already have. Here’s a list of popular beauty myths that people can very well convince you about, but you know that’s not the truth. Beauty myths : Debunked.


1) Shaving will make hair grow thicker and darker

I thought this was true when I heard it first because it sounds pretty believable. But I found out that this was completely untrue. Shaving any part of your body does not make the hair grow any thicker or darker than it already was before. When you shave off your hair you don’t pull it out fully, you just shave it off the end without damaging the follicle which is what you do while waxing, you pull off your hair by the root. ¬†Shaven hair grows just more quickly but the thickness and the darkness is same. It might look like it’s unusually darker and thicker, but that’s only because longer hair tapers off right at the end but it is the same width and color.


2) Brushing your hair a hundred times will make it look good

Yikes. This one sounds terrible. Brushing your hair a hundred times (who has time for that?) will only make it brittle and prone to damage. Your hair would lose all the natural shine and that’ll make your weaker. Weaker hair only means one thing which is hairfall. Over brushing can leave hair dryer than before and cause static. Managing static hair is almost impossible. Make sure you never over brush of you have colored or dry hair, that’ll only be causing more harm than good. Revitalize your hair by opting for hairmasks and hair serums rather than wasting time on such useless beauty myths.


3) You can scrub away blackheads

All of us have skin breakouts because nobody’s skin is perfect. Be it pimples, acne or blackheads we all battle skin problems daily. You can’t scrub away blackheads completely. Blackhead develop in the inner layer of the skin by clogging pores which is a result of ¬†hormonal imbalance. Scrubbing is only a temporary alternative to get rid of blackheads because it wipes away impurities that are only on the surface of the skin, so the blackheads are still intact in the inner layer. The blackheads appear again after a certain period of time and scrubbing skin repeatedly robs it off of it’s natural oils.


4) Chocolate gives you acne

This is one of the most prevalent beauty myth. Acne is not triggered by anything that we eat. Acne is mainly deposition of dead skin cells within the deep layers of the skin or excess of oil (sebum) in the pores. Hormonal changes in the body are responsible for sebum production and there is no clear link between eating chocolate or any particular food for that matter and a worsening acne situation. It’s definitely not what you eat that triggers acne. It is also kinda hereditary, so if your parents have acne prone or oily skin, chances are, you’ll have the same kind of skin too. Eat all that chocolate without any worries now.


5) Grow your eyelashes with petroleum jelly

Or any other product. There is absolutely no scientific reason backing this one trend up. Some people are just blesses and born with long, dark eyelashes while some aren’t. Having long eyelashes can make you look really attractive but there’s no particular substance or product that can fasten their growth. Applying petroleum jelly, oils to your eyelashes will clog the glands in the inner rim of your eye which will make it prone to horrible infections and what not. It is best to not mess with such delicate parts of your body. Instead of trying out stupid home remedies, resort to makeup to make your lashes look blacker and thicker. The products which claim to increase your lashes might also come with a lot of side effects and irritation. Keep away from them.


6) Damaged hair can be repaired

This one’s the most disheartening. Hair when once damaged cannot be repaired by any shampoo, conditioner, serum. The only way to repair hair is to cut of the damaged portion. Hair is dead when damaged and cannot be repaired by any product that claims to do so. They only improve how your hair looks on the outside. Something as minute as a change in weather can easily get your hair back to it’s original state in no matter of time. Keep away from brushing the hair or indulging in treatments that damage your hair.


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