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5 Ways to Stay Truly Motivated


How to feel motivated when you are feeling depressed, worried, anxious, down and out? World says that you are finished but you say – i am not. Twisting and turning, and its never a nice feeling when you feel you do not have anything to offer to world, when you loose passion, when you loose focus, when you loose concentration and even the value on your own creativity. Everybody has to deal with it on his or her journey many times. Our attitude affects our blood chemistry and every single thought that we have is a child. Whenever we think we give birth to a feeling related to it and that leads to emotion which can be negative or positive. So, it is very necessary to get motivated in a positive way so that we give birth to positive feelings. Just by changing our attitude and surrendering to who we really are, we feel inspired instantly because we are not searching for validation or support from outside if it is cool within us. Here are some ways by which you can get motivated and stay motivated.

1. Rely on Personal Experiences


You can read all the self help books available out there, you can see motivational videos or can keep looking for motivational quotes on internet but this is not going to change you even a bit until you realize that real magic comes only from personal experiences and that is the greatest motivation. When you go out into the world and let go of fear which is a false evidence appearing real, then you are motivated. Because the fear is coming from our conditioning, from expectancy and the meaning we give to life. Just bring on the challenges because they are going to nurture you and you can test yourself and your creative confidence. Whenever you set yourself a new challenge, you feel motivated and whenever you try to play it safe because it is easy to stay in one corner, you loose confidence in yourself.

2. Do What You Love Every Single Day


This is the thing that you are going to hear again and again from everybody around you but we never try to implement in our lives. We just get comfortable with our jobs that we hate and keep doing what we are doing even if it sucks. Whenever you are doing what you enjoy, you stay motivated because it doesn’t feel like work but feels like fun. By this, you are not just helping yourself with this but you are inspiring other people to do more. Whenever people see you engaged in something with your total heart, you always receive feedback.

3. Keep It Simple

From Point A to Point B

We make things complicated by trying to make them perfect but the secret is to keep them simple. Taking a little step at a time is the key to success. Its about making it easier because when we can do less and feel more, great things happen. It is not easy because life moves so fast & its fast and furious. But you should realize that it is all based on our perception and how we see the world. To stay motivated we have to change our perception and loving ourselves a hundred percent and trusting yourself.

4. Laugh, Live and Love


Staying motivated is actually having fun and get some air. Its all about finding humor even in hard situations and taking all the chances to laugh it out. You don’t need to take everything to the heart and take yourself too seriously. Spend quality time with your family and talk about the funny moments. When you carry this positive energy with you everywhere, people can’t resist but drawn towards you. They will be inspired to live their life to the fullest by seeing you and you will stay motivated all the time. There is no other emotion stronger than happiness and and if you can’t keep yourself happy then how can you share love & smiles with the world. Life is never going to be easier, we just get better at riding the waves. Someone has truly said – “Don’t take life too seriously, nobody is going to get alive out of it.”

5. Get Inspired


To stay motivated, it is necessary to see you life as an adventure and try to get inspired by seeing what uniqueness other people have. Respect their talents and don’t think that you are in competition with others. We just have to remember that every single person crosses our path for a reason and if something comes into our life, it never goes until it has taught us what it is supposed to. We have to let go of the preconceived ideas we have about the world and stop trying to copy others because we all are blessed with talents differently. We should try to learn to celebrate these differences. Who is the architect of your reality? It is not just you. It is you, your friends, your family and your environment. So, we should try to increase our awareness in the moment and don’t leave anything unnoticed. By following these ways, you can easily stay motivated and also motivate people around you. Peace.

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