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5 ways to stay fit even at your 50’s


Health and Lifestyle have been two words that have been heard a lot in the recent past. Both these words have had an immense hit on our lifestyles and we need to make sure that we balance both these things with at most cautiousness so that we have a better future. This is an age of obesity and unseen lifestyle. A lot of people suggest a lot of methods to stay fit, but it is a matter of fact that none of those can be followed properly or none of them workout for us. Here are simple tips that you can follow to keep yourself fit, even at your 50’s:

Eat Healthy:

Eating habits have to be properly maintained in order to make sure that you stay fit for a long time. Eat food that is home made and try to avoid the food that is available outside. It is true that our mind works in such a way that whenever we see something tasty or smell something that tingles our mind, we go for it at that instant. We later think about it and regret the decision that we made. This is normal human tendency and there is nothing to worry about it. Your immediate future will not worry you at all, but think ahead of time. When you look at people in their 50’s struggling with health problems, your mind will most certainly trigger an alarm. So, the next time you see something colourful or even smell something amazing, you will not go for it for sure. We tend to avoid vegetables and fruits these days. This must be stopped and it should be made sure that fruits and vegetables are made a part and parcel of day to day life. There should be at least one meal everyday which contains fruits and vegetables. The amount of energy that we get from these items is unmatched.


Proper Sleep:

Modern Culture has influenced our life so much that some of us have even forgot of something called “Sleep”. We are so held up with our daily chores that we often tend to extend the dead time for sleep. This leads to a lot of consequences. Your next day might not be the best of days because you will feel immensely drunk. But this tends to go away over a period of time and you can cope with it. But think about the larger picture. Every time you excuse yourself of sleep, you tend to put pressure on your organs by not providing it what it needs. It will certainly adjust to your chores for the shorter version of life, but unlike us they give up when you become old. This is one of the primary things that must be taken into account if you consider yourself to have a good lifestyle even in your 50’s.


Timely Food:

Food is always an integral part of our lives and we tend to take it whenever it comes our way. And in some cases we even avoid it as we put our other chores over food. Both these tendencies are harmful and leads to problems. Therefore, it must be made sure that we take our food in time no matter what the case is. Even if you are eating too much, try to avoid the situation have as little food as possible over shorter intervals of time. This can make sure that you have a balanced diet and it helps in concentrating in your work without any problems. When you are hungry, do not go in for food that fills your stomach. Make sure that you eat a couple of cookies that fills your stomach to an extent. Over eating is the devil for many diseases.


Proper exercise doesn’t not include running or jogging. It doesn’t involve working out in the gymnasium as well. All you need to do is not be lazy on doing stuff. When laziness is avoided we tend to do more work which itself improves our health tremendously. This can help us in our daily routine as well, in addition to improving our health. Therefore, staying healthy is not about workouts. That comes later, when we are lazy throughout and then comes a situation when we realise that we are too fat to do a particular work. Therefore, when everyday chores are performed properly in a planned manner without any hindrances, proper health can be maintained.

Proper Habits:

The modern era calls for a lot of social events. We tend to be moved by the modern day people and do social drinking and smoking. This has to be avoided at the minimum levels itself. When someone calls you for a social gathering, make sure that you are there on time. Interact with your friends and the people there in the function. When they ask you to have a drink, say “No, thank you!”. These three words can save you your health. It is not that drinks should be completely avoided. Many people tend to get addicted to it once it comes into the habit. Therefore, a first avoidance is the best part of the course.


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