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5 ways to keep off temptation when on a diet


Been there, done that and all you girls out there who are on a diet plan and are suffering from this torture, my heart goes out to you really. I know how much of a pain it is to just avoid eating all those burgers with cheese dripping off both sides, those hot dogs with just too much mayo, large pizza slices with extra chilli flakes and oregano, that mouth watering pink sauce pasta, all that heavenly smelling bakery goodies, it’s just so damn difficult. I’ve done that, for about 2 months and that was probably the hardest thing I’ve had to do till date. I did have my cheat days of course, couldn’t do without those but that was like twice a month sorts which is nothing as compared to my usual eating out schedule. If you’re out all day, you’re bound to be tempted to eat all those yummies, try out new restaurants and cafes and bakeries, and just keep munching on random things every now and then. Your stomach always keeps aching for food. I wasn’t even much of a foodie before I went to college because I didn’t have so many options around. Now that I do I’m forever tempted to eat out and my friends are equally enthusiastic about it which makes matters worse.


Now for a person who has gotten so accustomed to eating out, and also isn’t lucky enough to have a metabolism high enough to digest all that food without letting it get converted into love handles, dieting is hard, but also necessary. Here’s how you can avoid eating out or avoid junk during your diet days.

  1. Stay high on liquids and fruits:

If you’ve had too much juice, or fresh lime or something to drink you’re likely to feel full very soon so even if you are tempted to eat out, you just won’t have the space in your tummy let another food item in. And plus liquids, except shakes and smoothies and basically beverages without milk are not even fattening really so you can have them all you want and fill yourself up. Apart from these, you can also stuff yourself up with fruits. Fruits are yummy, at least some of them are for example Mangoes, Apples, Bananas, Strawberries, Grapes, Watermelon and they’re very good for health and non fattening and also quite filling so you won’t keep feeling hungry every time you have some fruits. Plus you’ll find them everywhere too so easy access too.


  1. Stay loyal to your cheat days:

I know you’re going to be tempted to eat out very often but keep reminding yourself of how you’re just so many days away from your cheat day. And always make sure that whenever you have your cheat day, it’s at a relatively decent gap so that you’re motivated enough. If you have both your cheat days very close and then again a good food draught for 15 days, that’s not going to keep you going. Also stick with your plan, don’t deviate. And don’t skip cheat days either because they’re quite essential to your diet plan.


  1. Find alternative less fattening good food:

You can take the example of Pita Bread and hummus, which really helped me through my dieting days. Pita bread and hummus is pretty good to your taste buds and isn’t fattening either. Similarly, we have frozen yogurt which is again available in many flavours and easy on your tongue and thankfully equally easy on your tummy too not contributing much fat to it. So you stay on the safer side with such alternatives because your taste buds need some treating too.


  1. Motivate your friends to diet too, or at least eat less junk:

Your peer group contributes a significant chunk to your junk eating habits so if you manage to convince them to eat less, you’ll overall feel less temptation because you’ll go out to eat less often and you’ll have to avoid food less often. Also, you’ll be making them healthier because junk isn’t good for health anyway so again that’s like a twin benefit you get right there.


  1. Focus on why you started:

Every time you fall weak and feel like giving in to temptation, remember why you started dieting In the first place, look at your target again and again and keep yourself driven enough and make yourself believe that you can get through this no matter how hard this looks. Stop looking at pictures of food on Instagram and instead follow fitness pages and accounts. Set a toned woman’s picture as your phone wallpaper if the situation demands. Plus noone’s judging you on it, your life your phone, you choose your wallpaper, you aren’t answerable to anyone, but you will be answerable to yourself if you don’t achieve your target. Also, keep your targets realistic so that you’re motivated enough to continue. Else all your effort shall go in vain.


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