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5 ways to Become smarter


To be adjusted in changing situation is smartness”  – Ismail Hossain


Smartness is a virtue everyone wishes to exhibit. And the good news is its not there by birth. You have the freedom to become smarter. You can become smarter and impress people in the first meeting. However, smartness cannot be defined rigidly as a particular response. It is dependent on situations. That is what we call ‘presence of mind’. A move which seems smart in one situation might be a dumb one in another. Cracking a particularly smart joke at a wedding is a smart move but cracking the same smart joke at a funeral would drive you to the label of ‘weirdo’. Hence, it is very important to understand the real meaning of smartness. Moreover, smartness and cleverness are also two different things as –


“Never treat somebody’s cleverness as his life’s smartness. Cleverness is to hide the weakness and the smartness is to project the strength of his weakness.” – Anuj Somany


Smartness is not your ability to learn. Its not how much knowledge you have. Its not about how much you can remember. Its about how well are you able to use your wits and brain to be different from others. Its about how nicely can you craft your words and sentences so as to make them out of the world. Its about how smart can you appear in front of people.

Even though, the philosophical definition of smartness differs from that of intellect but undoubtedly intellect has a lot to do with smartness. If you are trying to become smarter its better that you first try to build your intellect level. That will lead to a better personality of yours. Here are a few tips to help you become smarter –

Be confident

Smartness comes from you. Nobody else will act smart for you. It means that your whole personality, the way you talk, the way you articulate your thoughts and the way you present them will let the other person know about your smartness. Hence, it is very important to be confident about yourself. However, this does not mean bragging about what you are not. That will only make you dumber and nothing else.

Learn to use your brain to your advantage

You should be able to understand a situation and act accordingly. Saying and doing the right thing at the right place and at the right time is very much important for any person. Just one stupid move of yours can lead to disastrous consequences. Do not think very highly of yourself and derogatorily of others. That will destroy your sense of fair judgment. And prejudice is one of the biggest enemies of smartness. If you are prejudiced, you might as well face dire results.

Read and observe

Reading books, magazines, newspapers, objects, things, and people is very essential to the art of becoming smarter. When you read and observe things around you, you tend to analyse them in terms of what already exists in your brain. Such a process makes you smarter as well as way more versatile. Try to read as much as you can on as many subjects as you can. If you are not much of a reader, at least observe the situations around you and try to analyse circumstances accordingly. Apply logical reasoning to everything and find out the answers.



Yes, meditation is very useful for our brain and soul. It helps us to become calm and composed and enhances our belief in ourselves. This process is intrinsic to human mind. We need to develop such skills in order to become smarter. Being calm, composed in our inner self will help us see things more clearly, learn more efficiently and deliver more effectively. All these features are essential to a smarter mind.

Practicality vs. impracticality

Try to be as practical as you can. But, don’t forget that being ideal sometimes will also help you. A person who is down to earth and practical is considered very smart. Smartness helps you live in the world with great relations to many people. This can be a little difficult to achieve with impracticality. Being practical is very useful when making decisions. However, experts suggest being open minded and considering as many options as you can while making decisions. Due to such a thing, your decisions will come you way better than others and that would all be because of your smartness.


Hence, it is very much clear that smartness of a person is not only an inherited but also an acquired feature, unlike intelligence. Intelligence is different from smartness as it is more of a ‘by-birth’ attribute of a person. What we call as smartness is very much helpful in the day-to-day life of a person. A person with high intellect levels if combined with experience and worldly knowledge can easily become a very smart person. On the other hand, one who lives on bookish knowledge only will have a tough time facing the realities of the world and hence will have to turn towards becoming more understanding with the terms of the world he lives in, ultimately.

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