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5 ways to implement environmental concern in your area


With the addition of all the vehicles to the road, there has been significant increase in pollution. Even a large pollution won’t show up in the environment, such is the extent of our planet. But, we have forced her to show us the extent of pollution, such has been our contribution to the society. It is time that we start implementing certain measures to improve our environment. Going Green is a mantra that we have seen almost everywhere and it is time that we act towards a greener tomorrow. Some of the ways in which we can practise greenery in the society are:

Public Awareness:

One of the best methods to implement your concern over the environment is with the help of Public Awareness. People are too busy with their day to day chores and it is our duty, as responsible citizens to teach them small lessons that can help the environment. Raise a small group of people comprising of your friends and relatives. When you have a small group, so much burden is removed off your shoulder. Prepare small billboards and give it to the bye passers in your main road. There are sponsors who are ready to provide you with the necessary monetary benefits to do such public awareness programs. Public Awareness is not only passing billboards. A small discussion can be held with your friends about how to improve the living in the society without harming the environment. In doing so, a lot of Ideas come into play.

Plant a tree campaign:

In case you are living in a society where there are a lot of people, it is so much easy to do a public program. In case you are living in an apartments, you can always contact your association for assistance. With the help of the association, small amounts of money can be collected every month along with the maintenance and then this money can be used to buy small saplings. When there is enough money, announce for a social program to plant all the samplings in your apartments. If not in an apartments, the same kind of work can be done by asking students to collect money for samplings. Who would deny money if it is for a social cause, ensuring us a better tomorrow?


Car-pooling campaign:

Living in a society surely has its own advantages. One of the biggest advantages is Car-Pooling. A Car can seat up to four people with enough comfort but still people tend to travel alone in a Car. This can be avoided by having an initiative on Car-Pooling. Invite your friends who travel alone in a car to come along with you for a single day. Your friend will be kind enough to ask you to come along with him/her another day. Continue this over a period of time, expanding the number of people travelling. It can not only be a social initiative, but it can also act as a great social interface between you and your friends. When you come to known about the advantages of this, you will start to spread it to other friends as well. Thus, in future you would make sure that you have taken of at least a couple of cars off the road every day, which by itself is a great help to the environment.


Inculcating usage from waste:

Waste can not always be waste. There can be smaller applications that the waste that you throw out can do. This can be done by using this small example. Every day, while throwing away the waste, separate the waste as Rotting and Non-Rotting medium. When this is done, the rotting medium can be used to improve the ground quality. When decomposition of waste takes place, it improves the minerals that are already present in the ground. When plants are grown in this soil, they grow better, leading to a better harvest. There are centres to harvest this kind of vermicompost as well. When you start doing this on a regular basis, tell your friend about the good work that you are doing. When they start doing that as well, the waste which was once useless will then become useful in a certain aspect.


In-house capabilities improvement:

Electronics plays an important part of our lives. In both our homes and workplaces, electronics has invaded us. When proper care is not given in the operation of these equipment, a lot of energy is wasted. Therefore, care must be taken to switch off these devices when a person leaves a post. In doing this, you need not ask the person who was irresponsible the last time. Instead, you can go forward and switch off the device which was left unattended. When the other person sees this, he would feel the responsibility and do it the next time. Certain things cannot be explained by words, and this is one of the cases or habit that one should inculcate right from the beginning. When the other person sees someone else doing the same, he would also do the same thing that you did. Therefore, you have inculcated a habit that grows on others, leading to a better tomorrow.


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