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5 Ways to Get Over a Bad Breakup


You liked them, they liked you. Everything was going really well. Late night movies and romance but then bam! Breakup! And no, it wasn’t a mutual and ‘for the best’ but rather an ugly breakup. Ouch that hurts. Now I totally believe when you say that you can tear your ex apart into a gazillion pieces for breaking your heart like that but then are they worth it? More than that, is a bad breakup worth of stealing away your peace of mind, your happiness and your awesomeness?

Nope! When a relationship ends on a bad note it gives you a lot of reasons to go sour but then one day or the other you have to let go of all those feelings, get over the breakup and move on. Yes whining about it or listening to sad songs while eating large tub of ice cream might seem like a way to go but when you  really need to get over a bad breakup try these 5 ways.

Get Yourself Busy

Didn’t you already know this? When you have just had a bad breakup there is a lot going on inside your head. Your feelings get hurt, you may feel like being used or start to regret dating that person in the first place. But the more you think about it the more miserable you are going to feel. So the simplest trick is to avoid thinking. Yes, it’s easier said than done but if you try putting your mind in other stuff then it will help you. One can get involved in community service or shift their attention on work for a while. In your free time find a new hobby or revamp your old ones and you will realize how much fun and better it is to do what you enjoy than sitting in a corner and making yourself feel pathetic.

Spend time with your friends

Bad times just don’t seem that bad when you are sharing them with a bunch of good friends. Not just your friends will listen to your sad tale of failed romance and provide you with sympathy in the time of misery but they will help a great deal in bringing the “happy YOU” back. They will remind you of all the things that make you an amazing person and why you shouldn’t let any loser take those qualities away from you. Relationships make and break but a good set of friends will be with you through it all and when you are trying to get over a breakup spend maximum of your time with them. It won’t take much longer for you to realize that you can be happy again.

getting over breakup 2

Fall in love with yourself

The biggest mistake people do just after getting out of a bad relationship is entering a new one. In an attempt to fill the void the recent breakup created inside, people tend to jump into a new relationship without giving it much thought. While your mind may trick you telling that your new flame is the right one, it’s actually nothing but a rebound love. But you have just had a bad breakup and rebound love is not a good idea. Instead this is the time to fall in love with yourself. Yes, you heard me correct. For a while you had been half of a complete unit but now you need to be complete on your own. And sure as hell you don’t need a jerk or a bitch to make you feel loved and worthy. You can do it on your own. Explore yourself, find out the hidden traits in your personalities and fall in love with them. Trust me once you learn to love yourself, you will not allow any xyz to make you feel worthless and break your heart.

Forgive your ex

I know I know, it was a bad breakup. And you might think of leaving the planet rather than forgiving your ex. But at some point of time you got to let go all of it. And that cannot happen untill and unless you forgive your ex. And remember you are not doing it for him/her or but for yourself, as forgiveness is nothing but an endowment to yourself. Even if you really want to plan out a revenge for them then nothing can be better than letting them see you happy without them and not thinking about them.

getting over breakup 3

Give it time

Time can heal it all. Yes it really can. For a while you may feel like you will never be able to live again but when a certain amount of time has passed all that pain will eventually go away. You just got to give it some time. A bad breakup may feel like the end of the world but obviously it’s not. And when you are finally done with somebody life will present you even better people to spend your time with. And as they say, they are plenty of fish in the sea and you will find a good pick but till then you are good on your own and don’t forget how awesome you are!

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