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5 ways to Forgive and Stay Mentally Strong


It is always said that forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. But in the real world, nobody knows what the people mean when they use this term “strong”. How strong is one supposed to be in order to be in a state of forgiving someone’s sin or forgiving some of his close friends and relatives for having betrayed them? The answer is still unknown. The art of forgiveness is a tough one to handle and be a master at especially if you have to forget your lover for cheating on you. In any case, how to handle such a tricky situation? How to master this art of forgiveness and be strong in every sense of the word? Read on to know more.


Look Back at Your emotions and Thought

It is a common thing to notice that people tend to get engrossed in this forgiveness dilemma that they stop looking at their own emotions. If something is stereotyped as a bad thing, you don’t even bother to ask your own opinion to yourself and just go with the flow that the mistake committed by your loved one is a big mistake. This is simply no right way of handling things. If you have issues with your past or the worries of future are bothering you, then you should know that it is your mind that is playing tricks on you and triggering negative emotions and not you who is creating them. You should be strong enough to be the sole creator of your own emotions and watch them carefully. Sometimes it is better to forgive and forget than to remember and regret, isn’t it?

Seeking Vengeance? Do it the other way!

When you have issues with something or when you are simply getting mad at someone, the best way of making them feel bad is by giving a sweet smile to them instead of back answering them or talking to them. No wonder why it is always said that you should smile when it hurts the most. This thing can confuse people. When you react to something bad being done to you, others seem to enjoy because they know that their actions are bothering you. So why make them feel so special? You should instead continue smiling and walking in your journey of life without looking back at those people. There can’t be a better revenge than this. Never try to seek vengeance. Forgive all and move ahead in your life. You can take revenge by living a better life without those people and making them realize that they had no rights to spoil your life and you are happy in your life without them. Forgive and forget and then live on.


It is not necessary to forgive every mistake

Yes, we all know that forgiveness is something that everyone must have in their character traits. But at the same time, you should be sensible enough to understand which mistakes are meant to be forgiven. Not every mistake deserves forgiveness. Imagine a situation in which someone murders your close one. You cannot simply be a sage and forgive the murderer for doing so. Yes the example was a very vague one; but the intent of the example is crystal clear. Try to read between the lines to understand this particular thing. There is a thin line between mistakes, crimes and sins. You can forgive someone for their mistakes, the almighty will take of the sins; but you cannot forgive anyone for the crimes. So be sensible enough to judge who to forgive and who not to forgive.

Love is the answer

Most of the times when you get disappointed because of the actions of some of your friends and closed ones, you tend to feel that loneliness. Sometimes you should know that you need to forgive without expecting any apologies from the other end. If you keep your ego at the back of your mind, than there is no reason why your relationship will not get jeopardized. It is often very easy to sabotage one’s relationships with other people because of a few fights and misunderstandings. You should rather think of those people with love and compassion. Forgive the past, forgive yourself, forgive others, and love the present moment for what it’s worth.  There are plenty of conspicuous things to love right now; you just have to want to see them.  Loving is never easy, especially when times are rough, yet it is easily the most formidable and positively persistent action possible. yet again, forgive and forget.


Take a break; Introspect

Yes. This is probably the most important aspect of your mental health and your mind. You might be in two minds when it comes to forgiving people. You shouldn’t be. Always remember that you have enough time to take the right call. You might forgive someone in the rush of time but later regret it. Similarly, you might punish someone and later realize that maybe you could have forgiven them. should you forgive? The most important part of forgiving someone is the alone phase. Have some time with your inner self. Try to analyze the situation and understand what perspired and what the possible reasons were for that. Introspection will give you the right frame of mind to decide. Who knows, you might end up changing your decision in this process and eventually take the right call? Always take a break when you are hurt. This is the secret of life.


Perfection doesn’t exist.  Forgiveness is habitually the simple apprehension that there is nothing that actually needs to be forgiven.

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