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5 Ways to Have an Eventful Weekend



You have had a hectic week and the weekend is finally approaching. What are the first thoughts that go through your mind regarding what to do over this short but, much needed break? It most probably will be to rest, relax, get those extra hours of sleep or just lie down in front of the television and fiddle with the remote. Well! Isn’t too much monotony boring? I’m sure you, yourself, would sometimes feel like getting out and trying different ways for recreation, only to be stopped by those lazy thoughts. So, it is about time to get on your feet and realize the joys and happiness of the wide range of activities outside the comfort of your home.

Every person has something available to relish according to their taste. There are infinite such leisurely activities available for one and all. So, come on now and make a great escape this weekend. Get away from the usual and step into unchartered territory. There is so much waiting for you!

You might have your preferred ‘to-do’ things. In case you don’t, no need to worry, here is a list of top 5 things to help you set yourself up for an amazing getaway this weekend:

1.  Of History and Monuments

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A rather unique way, revisiting history is an amazing way to spend the weekend. People often feel that all these places bring is boredom. Well, they are wrong. Monuments like forts, tombs or plain simple architectural wonders are a big attraction for people curious to know what transpired centuries ago. So, if gaining some extra knowledge and information is your cup of tea, this is a must-do for you.

2. A Variety of Exhibitions

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Some people who go out, want to make sure they do not get tired and still have a nice outing. Well, exhibitions are the best way to pass some time without spending energy. A large variety of exhibitions like art, automobiles, artefacts or simple handicraft items are sure to offer something for everybody’s liking. A nice and soothing way to spend the weekend outside your home, an exhibition is a delightful insight into the creativity and variety available in the world. You might be going for a stroll, but end up buying something for your home, your loved ones or yourself which is bound to make for a pleasant surprise. In the mood for a little exploration, check your local listings for exhibitions around you.

3. Weekend Gigs


For those people who associate entertainment mostly with movies and television series, they too can also enjoy a weekend in a unique way. There a variety of gigs happening around the city to cater to everybody’s taste. These include music concerts, theatre plays, stand-up comedy shows or even some unique performances by foreign artists. Do remember to choose something that you really find interesting to make the outing worth it all. These enthralling experiences are sure to stay with you for a long time and make you feel upbeat like never before.

4. Road Trippin’

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Yes, even a simple drive to a location of your choice is an amazing way to spend the weekend with your loved ones. Be careful though, the location you have in mind must be easy to reach, as a long and tedious drive could ruin the mood. Choose a place away from the main city to avoid the city traffic, like a nearby hill station or a beach, depending on where you stay. A quiet and unpopulated place would be nice to calm those senses and rejuvenate under the beauty of nature. On the other hand, a place full of people will make you want to rejoice and realize the joys of life around you. So, this weekend, entertain yourself with a little drive and see the happiness on everyone’s face when you say “Let’s go for a drive, shall we?”

5. A Park for All

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A never ending source of entertainment since time immemorial, amusement parks have fascinated one and all. Be it the adrenaline-rushing roller coasters or the lanes of mini-games stalls, there is everything here for all age groups. While children can enjoy all the rides, even the grandparents can grab some floss and spend the day reliving their childhood. The smile and memories are sure to stay with you for a long time. Water parks have also become a very popular source of enjoyment, especially for the younger generation. A plethora of activities ranging from wave pools to a vertical fall into water, the thrills offered here are unparalleled. So, get going and remember, you’re never too old to visit in an amusement park.

Thus, even though the above activities are the topmost things to do on a weekend, there is so much more to explore too. It all depends on who you are, what gives you happiness and how much you are willing to do for it. Weekends have always given the impression of being a lazy day, and it is about time to break the stereotype. Make your weekend something you look forward to for things other than resting. Also remember to not stress yourself too much, because after all, you do have a hard-working week again.

So, get up and start planning, it’s time to witness some weekend wonders!

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