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5 Ways to Enjoy Being Single


 Whether you are still single because you haven’t found ‘the one’ or you are going through a bad break up phase, there is nothing to worry about. Calm down, take a deep breath and learn how you don’t really need someone to enjoy life. I agree that having someone who makes you feel special is a great feeling but whoever said life would cease to exist if you didn’t find the special one, just yet?

You might find your true love really soon, but don’t bank on that idea to actually start enjoying the perks of life. So, if and when you are single, take that extra step to get over the ‘loneliness’ and to make life worth living. And thus, for you, I have complied a list of things that would make your life delightful and well, you would literally start enjoying your single-dom!

1.Experience Solo Travelling


The joys of travelling are endless- it helps you to gain experience, gives you friend making opportunities, helps you to discover your likes and dislikes and so on and so forth! And well, do you know what the best part about this is?

You don’t have to have a travel ‘team’ to enjoy all your little trips. You can plan a solo trip and freak out and still have a crazy, fun filled time. Make a list of places you would want to visit and head out! If your pocket allows you to go for a World tour, leave as soon as you can. Don’t second question yourself about such decisions. Travelling is such a pleasurable activity, that you will soon get lost in all the joys and happiness it has to offer!

And I assure you, if you plan to start travelling you will be thankful for all such decisions in the future (if not now). So what are you waiting for?

2. Learn To Love Yourself


How do you expect somebody else to be head over heels in love with you when you struggle to feel the same way about yourself? Dear reader, you need to know there is nothing greater than the feeling of self love. By the term ‘self love’ I do not intend for you to develop a narcissist behaviour, but just a feeling where you actually appreciate who you really are.

All you have to do is, tone down the harsh criticism about yourself and go easy on thyself. Be it your goal to be healthier or some job related benchmark; don’t push yourself to that limit where you start hating yourself.

So, concentrate on loving yourself more than caring about what others think about you. This is one of the best possible ways to utilize your ‘single’ time. Hence, darling, don’t you forget to love yourself!

3. Spend Some Quality Time with Your Friends


How often have you heard the phrase “People tend to forget their friends when they get into a relationship”? And to actually believe this statement to be true is disheartening for those friends who have always stuck by your side in times of need. If you are one of those who managed to pull of your relation with your friends and the special someone equally, kudos to you! And if not, it is time to change that.

While you are single and upset about how things turned out, resort to your close friends for a bit of fun and inspiration. Plan a trip to some place or meet at somebody’s house. You could even go for a picnic. Whatever you plan to do, remember the basic aim is to enjoy with your mates.

Make them feel truly special and have a few heart-to-heart conversations. You can’t even begin to fathom how amazing this could feel. So meet up with your best buds today!

4. Enhance Your Talent


When you were in a relationship you might have found yourself complaining about not having enough time for yourself. If that has ever happened with you, remember this time is solely for you. You have no one to please, no expectations to live up to and well you have enough time for all the things you have ever wanted to do.

Maybe you should think about enhancing your talent? If you have always been a great dancer but previously had no time to pursue the art, go and enrol yourself in some fun dance classes. It could be the same with singing, painting, cookery, etc. etc.!

Hence, use this time to enhance what you love doing and you will soon start loving life again!

5. Eat.Shop.Party.


For people who have just started to get over someone, this might seem really unrealistic. But all I’d like to say is, give your heart some time and it will heal. Carry great memories of the person but don’t let it stop you from doing things in the future. So maybe when you are truly over someone you could indulge in fun filled activities that everyone enjoys.

Splurge on yourself as you eat the best kind of food without caring that your partner might call you fat. Shop till you drop and go crazy on your mall visits. And well, who wouldn’t love to party and dance all night long?

Push yourself to get out there and be yourself. There is nothing worse than waiting for someone who might not come back. This is indeed the harsh truth, my friends.


So, ask yourself the question if it is worth being depressed over someone for so long, and if your brain says no, make deliberate efforts to get over it and to start enjoying life again. It isn’t as hard as you imagine it to be.

And remember whether you are in a relationship or not, being happy is all that matters. I hope everybody out there is a joyful soul!



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