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5 Ways to Deal With Anxiety and Panic Attacks


Many of us are vulnerable to unfavorable situations and easily get into the trap of depression, anxiety, panic attacks and stress. We don’t try to take things lightly and stay calm even in difficult situations. But after reading this article, you will grow more stronger emotionally and will be able to deal with such situations easily. The key is to keep a check over your reactions, emotions and feelings in a particular moment so that you can realize how you respond to it. So, here are some ways of doing that and get relief from anxiety and panic attacks.

1. Bring Emotions Into the Present


Whatever we are going through, whenever we are stuck in past or the future, whenever we feel anxious, we are going to worry and right now, on the planet it is not the time to be in fear. When you realize that you are living in the present moment, automatically you will feel that the fear, stress and anxiety disappears. You can also try a little thing. Just Freeze. Just stop whenever you are feeling stress taking you over. Just stop thinking about bills to pay, going somewhere, doing this or that. As you have this freeze just clap and it really works. You will be back in the present moment. Body awareness is essential in dealing with panic. Many of us are not in touch with ourselves therefore we don’t even know when we are anxious because we are desensitized. To free yourself from panic, you have to understand that body is the unconscious mind. Whenever you are feeling tense then realize that our mind is tense. The body, mind and spirit are connect. Just breath deeply when you are in stress because it improves the circulation around the body. So, we have to be aware of our body.

2. Own Your Feelings


Own your emotions and feelings to realize that we are creating our own reality. We have to take responsibility of where we find ourselves and what situation we are in. It is very easy just to blame other people, we wanna say that they did this to us . Yes, may be they did but at the same time it is about how we respond to other people. We have to realize that we don’t have any control over what other people think of us. Our perception of ourselves is the only thing that matters.

3. Change Your Focus


What are you focusing on? Many of us try to focus on the negative because that is where so many of us live. However, you are going to get rid of anxiety when you focus on where you wanna be . When you let go. When you realize that you are focusing on what you want or you are focusing on what you fear. If we keep getting caught into dramas then that is going to create our reality. You have to snap out of it. Its just beautiful when you realize that freeing your heart is essential to release the panic. Freeing your heart helps you in defeating the fear because fear is nothing but a false evidence appearing real. So, you have to think out of box and in a linear way.  When you open up to the people and smile more, automatically the panic disappears.

4.  Look At Your Lifestyle


It means knowing thyself. To realize that the environment we are living in is promoting our wellness. Many of us don’t see that. Don’t go where the crowd is all the time. Environment is everything and when we talk about knowing thyself, which is also the part of the lifestyle, what does your soul resonate with and what brings you happiness. Are you doing that? Are you living the life you want to live? Most of us are panicking or are in stress because we are not doing what we love & what we want to do. We also have to see that part of the lifestyle is exercising so that you can release these powerful endorphins that will make you feel calmer. These days we all are time slaves and we fail to realize that the power lies in our hands. Its time to elevate and reclaim our power and not externalize it. The lifestyle we have also includes the food we eat. We are what we eat. What i am eating is making me more calmer or it is making me more tensed? The raw foods and plant based foods always have a soothing energy on the body. When we drink soda, coke or anything like that we feel nervous all the time and that also plays a vital role in attracting panic attacks and anxiety. So, becoming lighter is the only way to fly and to get relief from panic.

5. Stop Competing


Stop competing with other people. Everybody you see is living their own unique journey. You don’t have to fight for your piece of cake or don’t have to survive because everyone is unique. When you let go of competing with other people you let go of panic. Many of us are caught in a race like we wanna get somewhere and we feel that we have to compete with someone else. But actually that is just an illusion because there is enough for everybody out there. So, there is no need to get caught up in the illusion of scarcity and stop competing with other people. Less competition, less stress.

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