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5 Ways to Control Those Pangs of Jealousy


Jealousy is an emotion that we all have felt. Some refuse to admit that they’ve had efficiently active pangs of jealousy at some point and some just go full throttle in displaying their jealous side. I, myself being a Scorpion, am bound to be insanely jealous. Sometimes I don’t realize that my hatred or displeasure at someone sprouts from jealousy. I get insanely mad at and start blabbering stuff that I shouldn’t in a fit of anger. I go to huge lengths and bitch about them, not realizing I am polluting my own mind. I admit it, I do have a jealousy problem. Over the years, I have realized that there are ways for one to control their frequent bouts of jealousy. It’s definitely not easy because controlling an emotion is like doing something unnatural. But you know you gotta do it once it’s really bothering you can changing you as a person, in not a very nice way. So, here are ways to banish those pangs of jealousy from functioning very actively.

1) Refrain from comparison

You tend to get jealous of someone when you compare yourselves to them and keep reminding yourself how much better they are than you on so many levels. Comparison is the root cause of jealousy. You have to understand that some people are just born into families financially better than your’s, some are born prettier than you. You do not have control over something that has already happened. Comparison also gives rise to a feeling of discontentment when you realize that you do not have what the other person has. Embrace the fact that you can change your destiny and embrace the kind of opportunities you have to exploit and not curse the ones who have had it easy in their lives. You can’t have everything and there’s no person that is born with just everything around them.


2) Think about your qualities

If you’re not good at something that the other person is, you must be good at something that he probably isn’t. You can’t perfect every art. When you look at someone who is slightly better than you in some areas or the other, you wish they weren’t and it was you instead. It could be as simple as dressing well or socializing well. Do not focus on how bad you are at something. Think about ways and opportunities to get better at it. Keep reminding yourself about what’s positive about you and what your capabilities are. This will help you keep the negative thoughts, that unfortunately give rise to jealousy, at bay. Think about your imperfections to not dwell on them, but to make yourself improve the faults and cracks and come out as a better person.


3) Admit it

The ugliest forms of jealousy are formed when you refuse to admit that you are a bit insecure about something and it is bothering you. The worst breakdowns happen when you keep your emotions captured inside you and it keeps building up only to burst out one day in the ugliest way possible. Admitting you have a problem is always the first step towards it’s prevention. Not admitting to being a bit jealous or insecure of someone only makes you badmouth them unnecessarily and spoil your own image in front of the people who are listening to you. It is just the simple notion of “if you don’t say it, you’ll show it”. You don’t want to come across as this jealous little prick so it’s always better to talk to people who’ll understand and give you the right kind of advice to get your head clear of all things.


4) Channelize you jealousy

If there is something that makes you feel insecure about yourself, work towards achieving perfection. There could be a number of things that make you unhappy about yourself and when you look at someone else that has what you don’t and crave for, you get insanely jealous. If you do not have a fit body and there’s this person who had a dream body that everybody praises, do not get jealous. Instead of getting jealous, work towards remodeling yourself and channelize your jealousy into a source of motivation. Hit the gym and keep going until you feel you have achieved that level of expertise. Motivation can be extracted from the smallest of incidents and emotions. If there’s something that can bother you to the extent of being insanely jealous, there sure can be something that can motivate you to do better and achieve the best results.


5) Seek reassurance

Sometimes hearing just what you want to hear can make your day and put an end to all your insecurities. When you feel insecure about something, turn to the people who you trust. surround yourself with your friends and ask them if you should be so worries about something. They will surely give you the best advice and take your mind off unimportant issues. They could also tell you the truth and make you forget all your insecurities. Friend therapy is any day, the best kind of therapy. But there should also be a limit to seeking reassurance. Don’t bring up your jealousy again and again and be satisfied with what they tell you.


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