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5 ways to act good with an elderly parent


Communication with the parents is an important art which brings them close. It is important to communicate to know your parents more, to understand their needs, happiness and health. Stay in touch with your parents no matter how far you are, as your parents age needs to be concerned. They help you allot in making you, what you are today and now it is your tie to look forward. Below given are the way how you can respect them and maintain a good contact with them:

1. Stay in touch:


This is necessary to maintain the contact with your parents. Make them the part of your life and share everything you are going through. If you stay away from them, Make a daily call and ask them about their days and needs. You can make a Skype call and which will be closest to their heart. Ask your parents how things are and keep up to date with their day to day happenings and try to understand the things they are hiding from you because many parents to not want to burden their children. They generally hide the money worries and health related problems. Try to meet them regularly, give them happiness and laugh hard. Every time you walk to them make memories.

2. Offer Advice:


Though they are slower and less active now, but they still like to make their own decisions. Do not foist your advices onto them, just ask them if want to take. Do not give advices on the matter you do not have knowledge. Like they need advice on financial or property matter make them available lawyers or advisers instead of guiding them wrong.  Do not try to control them, just let them free and do whatever they want to do. Suggestions seems good if they are 86 or something, but if you advise them at 50 they would not like it. They worked really hard in their life and they know how to handle things and you must respect them on their decisions and everything they say. Parents are the only thing that is truly yours and you must respect them from the deep.

3. Be clear in explaining things:

You do not have to tell long stories, just say straight whatever you want to. You do not need to over-complicate the things and explanations. Ask for confirmation directly you want to ask. Speak calmly while discussing something emotional or some disputes matter. This is important as it can take care of the situations. Try to manage the situations like difficult situations slowly and with love, for that you need to keep your thoughts and emotions steady. Listen to all, their plans and their reasons to worry and then decide together what to do. Do not ever try to avoid things as this makes gaps between the relationships and always try to face the problems from the front and try to find out the solutions.

4. Accept the generation gap:


Try to understand the things they care about as they are, have seen things and has a lot of experience. Their views might differ from yours, but they can never be wrong as they were doing such things for long. Arguing cannot change them so just try the other way. It is must that you should have trust in your parents and try to understand them. Always look common ground, no doubt there will be differences in the opinion, but you have to work out. Never treat them like children or do brushing. Being kind to them is an important point to treat them. This helps in making a cheerful environment at home.

5. Help out:


Not just your parents, include others too. You should help every elder whether on roads to help them cross the way or take the poly bags and help them. Doing this will always make you feel happy and they will bless you from the important. Ask them their needs politely and promise that you will always be in their need and will not back out in any condition; this will make them feel out of the world. Help them with shopping and teach them the new technologies like computer so that they can use Skype and bring them new smart phone so that they can be in touch with you all time. Though there are situations which are out of control, but try to smile often and keep calm. Put your points very politely. Above all, try to become independent as soon as possible and do not ask for financial help. Now some points that you should keep in mind is that, if you are busy and would not talk to them for a while it is better to inform them rather than keep them waiting. Do not make promises that you fail to fulfill and explain everything with a genuine reason. Avoid asking for financial help, there are lots of other options that you can arrange and pay later as you are working, so there would not be a big problem. These are some points which can make your elderly relations better and you will feel blessed.



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