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5 Useful tips to avoid fights in a relationship


As easily as you can spot charming couples smiling and chatting happily at coffee shops and streets one can also spot couples arguing or screaming at each other. In fact there would always be a committed friend of yours who would complain having a fight with his/her partner atleast thrice a week. So much so that all these troubles make a lot of people hostile against the thought of being in a relationship. But the truth is that a relationship can never be all sunshines and rainbows and there ought to be some misunderstandings and arguments cropping up from time to time. However to avoid those and enjoy a blissful relationship you sure can keep a few tips in mind. Here are 5 such tips which will help you in avoiding fights with your partner.

Think Before you Speak

So many of the fights start with, or become ugly when one person blurts out something without thinking, which upsets the other person too much. It can be things like “You are a very big mistake” or “I regret being with you”. It’s true that in a real relationship you need not think before saying or doing anything instead you can be yourself all the time. But it is even more true that you just cannot start abusing or insulting your partner or saying mean and harsh things without thinking for a moment that how would they make them feel. Before you are about to speak something that might be even a little offensive, think for a moment and if it sounds too harsh don’t say it.


Listening can be a key to a healthy relationship. And mind it, there is a huge difference between hearing and listening. When your partner wants to open up to you and share their thoughts do not just make a really awkward face and zone out to your fantasy world or pretend like you are listening, but actually listen. Help them unload their stress and listen to what they have to say even if it bores you. A relationship isn’t just about romance but communication is a much vital factor. It will help a lot in developing a better sense of understanding between you two and will ultimately lead to fewer fights.

avoiding fights in relationship 2

After you forgive, forget

Since a relationship is between two human beings and human beings are ought to make mistakes, in a relationship too there happen to be a lot of mistakes. And as long as the person feels terribly sorry for it and tries making up for it with all his/her heart there is no reason why you shouldn’t forgive them for that. Of course some mistakes are much bigger than others and don’t deserve forgiveness but if once you have decided to forgive then also do forget. There is no point in holding onto something your partner said in a bad temper but never really meant.

avoiding fights in relationsip 3

Put yourself in each other’s shoe

This can be extremely helpful while trying to avoid clashes between you and your spouse. A lot of times the fights are not due to the people involved but simply because of some unfavourable situation or certain unavoidable circumstances. Issues can also pop up due to different point of views and opinions of the two people. Where none of them is at fault but the lack of understanding and inability to look at the other person’s point of view leads to problems. At such a time nothing but simply putting oneself in the other person’s shoe can help avoiding conflicts. So next time when your boyfriend or husband doesn’t reply to your texts or return to your calls before simply lashing out on him think for a moment that maybe if you had been in his shoes you might have also not been able to respond to the calls or texts. And before calling your girlfriend or wife over possessive and annoying imagine for a moment that if you had been in her place you would have also got a little worried because of not getting any response. Sounds valid, isn’t it?

Keep reminding each other of the good times you have had

A relationship can lose its charm over the years and there might come a time when it remains nothing but just a bunch of arguments and wrangles. The fresh love might begin to stale one day and the relationship can start giving you more reasons to depress than the reasons to joy. If you do not want your relationship to hit such a phase then rekindling the romance from time to time is very important. Never leave a chance to tell your partner that you still love them or care for them. Appreciate them and tell them how lucky you are to have him/her in your life. And no you do not need to lie or butter them up but just express some of your intimate feelings. Talk to each other about the good times you have already had. Relive the memories you made together and talk about the ones you still want to make.

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