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5 Most Used Excuses By Losers


Someone has truly said that If it is important then you will find a way, if its not then you will find an excuse. We always have an excuse for everything that we can’t do or don’t want to do. We make excuses about our health, financial condition, mental stability or unhealthy relations to get the people off our back who tell us to improve our lives for good. There are a lot of people among us who just moan and groan and complain about life all the time and tell stories about how life has never been favorable to them. “I am sick of this job.” “I am always facing health issues.” “My kids are crazy.” “My boss is a crazy mitigated ass.” “My parents are really annoying.” Blah Blah Blah. But the reality is that these are just excuses they make so that they can feel better about themselves and remain comfortable in their miserable little lives. That is the main characteristic of losers. They just keep cursing their conditions all the time and don’t do anything about it. They are never sick of tired of being sick and tired. There is a saying that “Every man is self made but only successful will admit it.” Here is the excuses list that every loser carries in his explanation dictionary all the time.

1. “You don’t know my circumstances.”


This is the most common answer given by the losers so that they can make the other person feel that he or she is being judgmental and this is not a good thing. But the truth is that they just don’t want to leave their comfort zone and don’t want to move their body for some physical or mental work. They keep complaining about each and everything and giving explanations for their failures. Actually, the area of life where they find themselves, they think that it is all they know and there is no scope of improvement at all. If you spend just 5 minutes with them, they will keep bragging about their circumstances so much that you will leave their place full of negativity. So, next time anyone keeps blaming their circumstances for his failure, just realize that this is just another kind of a loser.

2. “I don’t know what to do.”

These people are indecisive all the time and keep asking others what to do. Whenever something comes up in front of them, they just say that they don’t know what to do with it. They have closed the doors of their minds so hardly that no light of awareness can go in until they realize that they are on a loser spree. Winners always say “It may be difficult but it is possible.” But losers always say “It may be possible but it’s so difficult.” This is one of the most common excuses of these loser freaks.

3. “I am not good enough.”

You will often hear some people say that – ‘I never get anything done properly’ or ‘I am so stupid’ or ‘I am no good’. These are the people who are suffering from a very low self esteem and keep bashing themselves for not measuring upto their own expectations. They never try again after a failure and keep giving credit to the bad luck for it even though it wasn’t luck at all. They get stuck easily and it becomes so hard for them to move on with their life. They always think that they are magnet to all the problems of the world and they are targeted always by other people. They try to do things in same ways again and again and expect a different outcome and if the outcome is not favorable they start judging themselves. So, this is yet another excuse that losers make.

4. “I don’t have time for this.”

These people are always busy without any work and you will hear them saying that they are busy, most of the times. They are either in a hurry of something or just killing their time with unnecessary activities. The interesting thing is that they also have a big explanation for this and excuses are ready always. They keep wasting their time with trivial matters and refuse to do anything because of lack of time. If you have company of such a person then it is time to reconsider your friend circle once more.

5. “Yes. I know it already.”

This may appear like “Wow! He knows everything.” for the first few times but slowly you will realize that this is just a way of escaping from the things they don’t actually understand. The losers have closed minds and they don’t want to hear anything that is going to challenge their beliefs. So, they are not willing to leave scope of learning anything new and keep pretending that they know everything already. This is yet another excuse that draws a line between losers and winners. They also take immediate offense of everything and are usually short tempered. They see pain, failure and negativity in most of the things and let the things happen themselves.


So, just beware the company of such type of people because they won’t do anything but drag you down to their level and you are also going to end up a loser for sure. These were some excuses the losers make. Just make sure that you don’t use any of these excuses to keep people off your back and stay in your comfort zone. You are the change that you want to see in the world but for that it is necessary to give up excuses and engage in consistent action.

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