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5 tips for your skin


Sometimes irrespective of the season, it seems impossible to manage your skin. The sun may be too harsh, rains may be pouring like cats and dogs or the winter winds are too dry. You seem hopeless about taking care and run to the aunty-next-door for every bit of advice she has to offer you. It has often happened with me, that after I wake up I find a huge zit on my nose or forehead and at times a cold sore at the corner of my mouth. Those days are pretty bad for me and I try every remedy and trick plausible to camouflage it. Some people claim they have never had pimples in their lifetime or during their teenage years. It is possible because every skin type is not the same and moreover the skin problem is more of a hereditary issue. But good genes are just the starting point. Good skin care techniques must be followed religiously. Practice them day in an out and you will have a flawless skin.

  1. Aloe vera


The plant of immortality as it is called from time immemorial; aloe vera is a whole package in itself. You can apply it anywhere on your body and there would be absolute no side effects of it. Apply daily on your face and there will be hardly any blemish spots or dark circles. Apply it on the elbows and knees which are prone to darkening and see the difference within a few weeks. The market is full of aloe vera products. If you do not want to spend from your pocket, then make it a onetime investment in planting an aloe vera plant. Use its leaf to extract the jelly. It works wonders for every type of skin.

  1. Turmeric


Turmeric is one of India’s most used spices. Apart from its spicy nature, it does have magical skin care effects too. One of the most important ceremonies of the Indian marriages includes the ‘haldi’ ceremony where the bride and groom are applied haldi or turmeric paste all over their bodies. It is supposed to smoothen your skin so that you look the best on your special day. Take gram flour and turmeric and make a paste using water. You can use milk and yogurt as well to make the paste. Apply it evenly all over your body. Leave till the paste dries off. Wash with lukewarm water. Use circular motions with your palm to get the excess off the skin.

  1. Tomato


Tomatoes are great for dry skin. They have cooling and astringent properties. They are rich in vitamins a and c, which help in acne and brightening dull skin. They make your skin healthier and remove the tan. Tomatoes are acidic in nature but the acid content is mild which will in way harm the skin rather help to maintain the ph level of it. Cut the tomato in two halves. Rub it on your face. Leave till the juices saturate your pore. Then wash off with cold water. It helps in closing your skin pores. Pat dry afterwards. You can use honey for making tomato juice paste. It is optional.

  1. Banana


Bananas are the most versatile fruits available all the year around. You seldom find them as expensive to buy. Every house has bananas decorated on the dining table. Bananas contain the essential vitamins that maintain the integrity and elasticity of the skin. They also contain potassium and antioxidants which help to prevent the premature ageing of the skin. Mash a ripe banana and apply it on your skin. Leave it on for about half an hour and then wash off with lukewarm water. You can add honey to the mask. It will give you instantly soft and supple skin, getting rid of pigmentation. Mix the mask with a bit of lemon juice. It will reduce the spots and blemishes and get you rid of dull skin. To make a body scrub from banana, blend the fruits with strawberries. Mix 3 tablespoons of sugar and use it as a body scrub before you go for a bath.

  1. Olive oil



Olive oil has tons of benefits. It helps in the prevention of heart diseases, obesity, improves the immune system and helps in preventing strokes. It is also useful for your skin. In fact it is a must have ingredient in your homes. Olive oil works as a great moisturizer for dry skin. Apply it all over your body, especially on the elbow and knee areas. These become dry often and the regular creams do not moisturize them effectively. Olive oil can solve your problem. Due to its non-greasy texture, it will work equally well for oily skin. Other than your face, you can apply it on your body and see the benefits. Chuck your lip balms and overnight creams for olive oil. They reduce eye-wrinkles and moisturize the chapped lips. People with extremely sensitive skin can also go for olive oil with no trouble at oil. Even after pregnancy, in order to get away with the stretch marks, olive oil comes to the rescue.

If you do not have time for visiting the skin care clinics and the esthetecians, try these basics. As the popular advertisement goes, take care!


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