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5 Tips On How To Look Younger


The first thing you should do to look younger is to admit that there are good things in store for you, and you have earnt those. So, it’s all about setting your mind to get to your end goal. You understand and value the idea that almost all good things in life are brought into realisation with the right attitude and with positive thinking.

So, now you are set to defy the ageing process and look young again? If you are, then these age-defying tips will surely help you look youthful more easily.

Tip 1

No matter what you do, whether you have a demanding schedule or just being lazy in your cozy home, make sure you are getting enough sleep and a good one at that. Not a power nap but a long a deep sleep. Your eyes will first tell if you have had enough sleep. A pair of eye-bug-free and sparkling eyes definitely makes you look younger. But how many is the suggested sleeping duration?

Perhaps you were brought up thinking that you should sleep at least 8 hours a day. Well, you should not. A new study says that those who sleep 6-7 hours live longer and healthier. Too much inactivity is not good for you. In fact, sleeping for five hours is better than sleeping three hours more than that. To have a good sleep, take some natural soporifics. These are substances that can help induce sleeping. Milk is a very good example. Sex and a little aerobic may also help you sleep well. While some find reading a book helps them to fall asleep.


Tip 2

Keep your hair short. A long hair puts in more years to your appearance, actually making you look like tried. Trying a shorter hair style and see what a difference it makes and improve your youthfulness. Tell your hairdresser to give you side swept bangs to expose your beautiful face. Adding layers can also make our hair look lively and shinier. A little highlight may also do. Putting on a darker hair (dark brown or black) does not only make you younger, but also coats up those grey hair. But you don’t have to cut it, try tying it up changing the way you would normally have your hair.


Tip 3

Live in a clean environment. People who live older like the centenarians have some surrounding things in common: little stress, unpolluted air, good water, and unspoiled nature. By the way just for those who do not know,

‘A centenarian is a person who lives to or beyond the age of 100 years’

Planting more trees in your area and planting more plants in your garden can help you provide cleaner air. More plants in the area mean more oxygen to breathe. Remember that what we breathe is the exact thing they exhale, and vice versa.



Tip 4

Do not put a lot of makeup. Yes, makeup can make you look pretty. But its amount, composition, and its style can make or break you. Keeping makeup light won’t make you look like a villain. Use more pastel colors and those with lighter tones instead of the dark antagonistic-like colors. Also try lipsticks with brown shade. These would make you look more natural and a lot of ears younger


Tip 5

Take care of your teeth. Ever notice there are a lot of old people who only have false teeth? This is because as we age, our body absorbs and stores less calcium (which also explains why old women are prone to osteoporosis).

So, avoid losing your teeth permanently. Brushing every after meal is the most basic yet the most helpful habit for a good-looking set of teeth. Use teeth whitening products that can make you teeth white and shiny. Coffee and tea can stain your teeth instantly so a brush after is really helpful. Going to the dentist at least twice a year is very important. And never forget to drink at least two glasses of milk a day, like what we teach to the real young ones.

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