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5 Tips for Hair Protection During Monsoon


With the heavy downpours that we’re witnessing already, it is clear that monsoon is here and in full swing. Monsoon is my favorite season because obviously, I love rainfall. But something that I despise about monsoons is uncontrollable hair frizz. Everyday seems like a bad hair day. I don’t know about others but when my hair is out of place I feel really conscious throughout the day and don’t feel the need the interact with people much. That’s the kind of effect bad hair days have on me. During rainy season, your hair tend to look brittle, really frizzy and out of control. It is important to keep your hair nourished during this particular season because the humidity is high and that triggers frizz. Having hair that looks nourished and healthy instantly adds to your personality and makes you feel even more confident. Monsoons might force you to stay indoors, and you should make the most of your free time by pampering your hair every now and then to keep it healthy and lustrous. Here are some easy tips that’ll work wonders for your locks when followed regularly.


1) What Grandma said, oil your hair

Your mom or your granny was probably right when she told you to oil your scalp at least twice in a week. No matter how busy your work schedule is, you must take out time for an oil massage which is easy and super effective. Hair oil massages are more effective when the oil is hot before you begin to apply it. Heat some coconut oil, since that is the winner oil and easily available and massage your scalp in circular motions focusing on the roots of the hair. Oiling will give your hair a natural boost, making it stronger and softer and treating dry hair ends naturally. A hair oil massage before shampooing your hair is like a conditioner, only hundred percent natural and more effective. You could use any type of oil that you like, even the hard to find exotic ones. They all work wonders.


2) Ditch the irons

A lot of people have now started using heat based irons for daily hair styling which causes extreme hair damage. You can feel your hair turning dry and lifeless even with just one use of flat irons. Indulging in hair styling once in a while is fine, but ignoring the amount of damage it causes and recklessly styling hair is an absolute no. Curling or straightening irons basically break the bonds between your hair and make it how you want them too look. You might be really pleased at how manageable your hair becomes after using these heat based methods, but they literally burn your hair and robs it of it’s natural moisture and color. Keep those irons away for as long as you can and embrace your natural hair texture at least during monsoon because you do not want your hair to look frizzier than before.


3) Homemade hair masks

You don’t have to send a bomb by indulging in expensive hair spas or hair masks at high end salons which give temporary results. You can now pamper your hair t home with all organic homemade hair masks. Some natural ingredients are known to strengthen hair and provide spa like results right at home. Try the banana-curd mask to moisturize your mane and get rid of frizz upto a great extent in the very first trial. The mayonnaise-avocado mask is known to be the best hair mask and leaves you with really smooth and silky hair for a long time. Enough to deal with the hardships that your regularly goes through. Rinsing your hair with beer might sound a bit whacky, but it gives the best of results and makes hair really soft and shiny. Salon style treatment right at home is not just a dream anymore!


4) Get rid of the oil

People with an oily scalp are most likely to suffer during monsoon. Oily hair becomes vulnerable to humidity and other unfavorable weather conditions as compared to dry hair. Make sure you keep your scalp oil free by shampooing your hair thrice a week. Oily hair becomes weaker when exposed to monsoon and is also more prone to infections, so it is best to keep a check on the oil and use a an oil control shampoo formula that’ll ensure that the the PH balance of the hair is maintained. Try keeping the hair dry by using non heat based methods like pat drying or towel drying the hair after a wash.


5) Monitor what you eat

your body reflects what you eat. Same is the case with your hair. Hair is mainly made up of protein, therefore, it becomes necessary to follow a protein rich diet to ensure hair protection. Eat a balanced protein, mineral and calcium-rich diet. Include all seasonal fruits and vegetables, legumes and stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking coconut water and other fruit based natural drinks. Do not miss out on your regular dose of dairy products like yogurt, cheese and buttermilk. Make sure you eat a lot of a salad before your main meals which must include beetroot and flax seeds. Follow these diet rules and you’ll never have to go to a salon again.


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