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5 Things You Think You owe People ( But actually do not)


There are certain things that we believe in, but we have no certain reason or logic for doing behind it. And we’re not talking about a superstition, which goes back to the level of personal choice and social prejudice. Rather we’re talking about the firm ideology that we think is there, but supposedly like every real thing that ceases to exist: it’s nothing more than the illusion of mind. People think they owe others these habits and appearances, and is a mere quotient to live in the society with a couple of others. As it turns out to be, you don’t. You can do whatever shit you like to do, no matter what other people are going to say. (And with that we’re not supporting the twerking scene in collaboration with Miley Cyrus. We’re as cynical as you about that.) Rest apart we persuade you to take your own freedom of choice, and do whatever you were gonna do anyway.

Here we provide some of the things that people thing they are obliged to, and are not:

The belief that makes you live by the society norms

 Do you really think that it does a difference to the society the way your outer appearance is aligned with what they determine to be appropriate and epitome? What was the last time the society you live has done something good enough for you to be in such debt? Hard time thinking, is it? That is what we’re talking about. You’re not answerable to anyone in this world apart from your own existence. So if you were wondering about getting a tattoo or something with the norm of outside the social creed and were holding back just because of the “What would family/friends would say about it?”; we hope that thank them off and do whatever you wished anyway. It’s your body and life, and it’s foolhardy of them to think that their views do matter in the final cut.


Keeping a relationship intact just because your friends think so

It would seem a blunderous ode to the list that we were talking about, but you would be shocked to know that there is a fair good amount of people who keep a latch on their relationship because their  friends think it is good for them. Firstly, I don’t understand how a third person can be able to analyse and tuck it that other two are made for each other, and secondly why does he even care? And thirdly, for the person involved in; “Man, what on earth were you thinking?”

People, it’s not rocket science. How difficult it is to understand that a relationship is a part of two lives and that is it. (We’re not getting kinky here so leave the awesome threesome part. Seriously.)Apart from the sheer idea of loving one person in a while and it last forever dramatic sequence, there is no good enough reason to search for in a relationship than wanting to go. It’s your happiness and you should be concerned about it. Not some fella, who thinks you look cute together. And if you happen to be the fella in the picture; get a life man.


An apology for being your own self

First things first, if you’re being an asshole: you owe them an apology. Leave it apart. Go to next one. But if you have an apology in mind and it’s not because you did anything wrong, but for the sake forgiveness of the argument, don’t. Even if it is because you want them to hear out your part of the story, an apology is as deceitful as it could be if you don’t mean it. In spite of healing the wounds, it just put some sands over the surface which easily drains out with slow waves of water. Apart from that an apology is a very personal attribute; don’t let it out to anybody and everybody. You owe them nothing.


An affirmative answer to everything and anything

For the time loud enough, YOU OWE NOTHING MY FRIEND. Don’t let be yourself a free ticket in the parking lot. There’s no need to give answers in affirmative to everything, be it a project hand down by your senior or some opportunity or just some random date. If you don’t feel like doing it, just say no. You have no need or responsibility to consent every other thing someone offers. You can concede their gentleness and still courteously decline.


Giving a approving feedback

We’re not saying you to be dick about it in your responses, but if you feel like it and is certainly a decision important enough for your friend, family or spouse that they’re looking for validation for. We think you need to tell them the truth. It can also be the part of the opinion some dress choices, or some art or movie thing; bringing a fake smile and a demeaning appreciation to the resentful doesn’t add up to the list of long relationship. Rather it does for the wrecked ones. We hope you got the point. It will certainly be of help.

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